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Why Are Humans Violent? The Psychological Reason We Hurt Each Other

anguish[1]From the crises in the Middle East to mass shootings in U.S. schools to the reckless striving for wealth and world domination, there is one overarching theme that almost never gets media coverage—the sense of insignificance that drives destructive acts. [Read more]

Danish DNA Could Be Key to Happiness

Genetics could be the key to explaining nation’s levels of happiness, according to research from the University of Warwick. Economists at the University’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) have looked at why certain countries top the world happiness rankings. [Read more]

6 Horrible Things We Have to Face Because of Climate Change

global_warmingstrejman[1]Global warming is here, it’s happening now, and, frankly, nothing we can do can change the fact that we are already screwed. Nero fiddles while Rome burns. At this point, we can only mitigate the damage, not prevent it. [Read more]

Is Quantum Intuition Possible?

In the quantum world, objects resist such classical banalities as “position” and “speed,” particles are waves and waves are particles, and the act of observing seems to change the system being observed [Read more]

Evolutionary Psychologist: Staying Up Late is a Sign of Superior Intelligence

alive_at_night[1]According to evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa, individuals who go to bed and wake up later tend to be more intelligent than those who stick to a more diurnal schedule. [Read more]

Do We Really Only Use 10% of Our Brain?

As the new film Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman is set to be released in the cinemas this week, I feel I should attempt to dispel the unfounded premise of the film – that we only use 10% of our brains. [Read more]

Why Are We Still Fighting Against Abstinence-Only Education?

abstinence-300x300[1]Many of you who read this probably don’t agree with “abstinence-only” sex education, but would you consider it a human rights violation? Emily Dawson, an 18-year-old Canadian high school student claims it is. [Read more]

10 of the Biggest Threats to Human Existence

Climate change is the Big Kahuna of all scenarios in which our presence on Earth is ended. Despite what the climate change deniers would have you believe, climate change is real. [Read more]

Moral Self-Knowledge By Looking at Others’ Faces

people[1]Our own moral character is largely unknown to us. Lots ofjerks think they’re just swell. Lots of saints and sweethearts suffer from moral self-doubt. [Read more]

Unveiling the Real Evil Genius

In 1940 Action Comics introduced a brilliant supervillain named Lex Luthor who tries to kill Superman to advance his plot to rule the world. [Read more]

Why the Aliens Want Earth

n-ET-ON-EARTH-large570[1]Expedia’s galaxy-wide website must be offering Earth at a major discount. In one movie after another, aliens decide to pass up competing Milky Way attractions — including neutron stars, antimatter clouds, hot Jupiters, and a 4 billion-trillion-trillion-ton central black hole — in favor of our planet. [Read more]

Affirming Evolution

mammal_phylogeny[1]I am not defending evolution, because it is not under serious attack.  I am affirming it because it is central to understanding what kind of creatures we are and what kind of world we live in, and this is as true for the godly as it is for the godless. End. [Source]

We Are Family: A Family Tree of the Entire Human Race

Some of my relatives are pretty impressive. There’s my cousin Albert, who was an expert on gravity and untamed hairstyles. There’s Gwyneth, another cousin and a fine actress, even if she did popularize the unfortunate phrase “conscious uncoupling.” [Read more]

Is Religion Pseudoscience?

A pseudoscience is a set of beliefs or practices that pretends at being science—that puts forth evidence and arguments which it says are scientifically sound, but in fact are not. Pseudoscientists argue in support of new fundamental forces (e.g., Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic resonance) and even entities (e.g., ancient aliens). [Read more]