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Atheist Invocation Makes History in Greece

-jg071514athiest1.jpg20140715[1]Quoting philosopher Immanuel Kant and drawing on the words of the Declaration of Independence, Dan Courtney made history on Tuesday speaking before the Greece Town Board. [Read more]

James Lindsay on the Historicity of Jesus

Philosopher James Lindsay (not to be confused with CFI Director Ron Lindsay), author of God Doesn’t; We Do has written an interesting piece about my book, On the Historicity of Jesus, but tangentially, i.e. he isn’t reviewing the book but responding to the way some people might use it. [Read more]

There Are as Many Atheisms as There Are Gods

shutterstock_201587891[1]There are as many atheisms as there are gods. We spend most of our lives disbelieving in things without wasting time asking why, and quite right too. So what is it that makes some particular forms of disbelief intellectually fertile or socially significant? [Read more]

The Irony in the “Religious Liberty” Argument

There’s an irony embedded in the outraged responses of the “religious liberty” crowd to the executive order signed by President Obama on Monday: if religious organizations want to discriminate against LGBT citizens in their hiring and staffing decisions, they remain perfectly free to do so. All they have to do is turn down federal money. [Read more]

Ken Ham — Looking for More Tax Breaks

noahs-ark[1]You know all about the proposed Ark Encounter project. It’s the latest creationist extravaganza of Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG), and for the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum. [Read more]

Creationists Lobbying For Taxpayer Funds To Pay For ‘Historically Themed’ Noah’s Ark Park

The group behind a creationist museum in Kentucky is lobbying the state to use taxpayer funds to pay for the first phase of a Noah’s Ark museum — at a cost of $73 million. [Read more]

Satanic Temple Seeks Hobby Lobby-Style Exemption from Anti-Abortion Laws

265471[1]If Christian business owners cannot be compelled to violate their faith, why should the same protection not apply to Satanists? That’s the argument the Satanic Temple is making to claim that, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling, women who share their beliefs should not be forced to follow some of the more restrictive state-level abortion laws to crop up in recent years. [Read more]

Benham Group Disrupts ‘Synagogue Of Satan’ Unitarian Universalist Worship Services, Receives Proclamation From Mayor

Flip Benham’s group Operation Save America disrupted the services of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans on Sunday while the congregation was honoring a member who had died. [Read more]

IRS Promises Atheist Group to Investigate ‘Pulpit Freedom’ Churches

internal-revenue-service[1]The Internal Revenue Service has reached a lawsuit settlement agreement with the Freedom From Religion Foundation, agreeing to investigate churches that violate a federal law that activist groups often cite in an attempt to silence them by threatening their tax-exempt status. [Read more]

Charisma News: Bans On Atheist Officeholders ‘Good News For A Judeo-Christian America’

The right-wing outlet Charisma Magazine ran a story today about states that still have religious tests for people holding public office, even though they are not enforced. [Read more]

Mayor Sued By ACLU Compares Atheist Near Prayer Group To KKK At MLK Event

n-JIM-FOUTS-large570[1]The American Civil Liberties Union in Michigan and two secular groups are suing the city of Warren and its mayor, Jim Fouts, on behalf of an atheist resident who was forbidden from setting up a “reason station” alongside a long-standing “prayer station” in the City Hall atrium. [Read more]

Pakistani Mob Attacks Minority Muslims, Kills 3

A Pakistani mob burned down several homes belonging to the minority Ahmadi sect in the country’s east, killing a woman and her two granddaughters in riots following rumors about blasphemous postings on Facebook, police said Monday. [Read more]

Abstinence-Only Crusader’s 17-Year-Old Daughter is Pregnant


A Republican lawmaker who promoted legislation to teach “abstinence-only” sex education in schools announced that his own unmarried high school-aged daughter has gotten pregnant. [Read more]

America’s Godless Public Schools: Value of a Godless Education, Godless Schools

One of the preeminent battlegrounds for the Christian Right’s war on modernity is America’s secular public school system. The Christian Right cannot stand the fact that instead of infusing the entire curriculum with their brand of conservative Christian principles, the government maintains a neutral stance on religion with a secular system. [Read more]

Buddhist Extremists Accused of Persecuting Sri Lanka Christians

sri-lanka-girl[1]Buddhist extremist, Ravana Balaya, has warned evangelical Christians to stop their religious activities in Polonnaruwa, a town in the Northern Central Province of Sri Lanka. [Read more]

Police Find 15 Corpses in Baghdad in Bloody Start to Muslim Eid Holiday

Iraqi police on Monday found the corpses of 15 people, including three women shot in the head in militia-style killings, a bloody start to the holiday marking the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, security sources said. [Read more]

How Chick-fil-A Hires: The Christian Way

Chick-fil-A-300x199[1]The chicken chain’s hiring practice is long and controversial; but it’s hard to argue with results. There are a few things you need to become a franchisee operator of a Chick-fil-A. A commitment to the company. A strong belief in “wholesome values”. [Read more]

Ancient Pakistan Temples Draw Devotees from Across Faiths

The Kalibari in Peshawar has a regular devotee who toggles between two identities. At home, up north in the Kurram Tribal Agency, she is Maria Salamat. [Read more]

Not Just the Adults – Secular Kids’ IQs Also Higher

SecularSchoolT-ScienceVsReligion[1]With all the hoopla surrounding a quiz question apparently formulated by an Ohio State University grad student asking whether Atheists were smarter than Christians, why has Corporate Media focused on right-wing outrage rather than doing their jobs in exploring the facts behind this question, which is based on the textbook for the psychology course citing scientific studies? [Read more]

Clergy Members Blast Back at Court Ruling That Could Cost Them Millions

Last November, the Freedom From Religion Foundation won a stunning court victory. The Madison organization had taken aim at a longstanding Internal Revenue Service rule that allows a house of worship to designate part of a clergy member’s cash compensation as a tax-free housing allowance. [Read more]

Africa’s Jihadists, on Their Way

20140726_MAM957[1]SQUINT a little and the region skirting Lake Chad in central Africa resembles Mosul and Tikrit in northern Iraq: dried-out canals, scrubby plains, ragtag bands of Islamists with guns beneath an unrelenting sun. [Read more]

Kate Kelly Appeals Excommunication from Mormon Church

Kate Kelly, who has led the effort to obtain Mormon priesthood for women, has appealed her excommunication from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The appeal includes a letter of support from Kelly’s husband, Neil Ransom. He contends the way leaders have excommunicated his wife but not disciplined him is proof of sexism in the church. [Read more]

How LGBT Students Are Changing Christian Colleges

lead[1]Over the past five years, an underground movement has been burgeoning on evangelical Christian campuses. Although many of these colleges explicitly ban “homosexual behavior,” they are now home to dozens of LGBT-friendly student groups. [Read more]

‘In God We Trust’ Display Considered in Pierce Co.

A resolution that would make the Pierce County Council chambers the first public place in Washington to display the national motto “In God We Trust” will be discussed at two public meetings this week. [Read more]

Atheist Group Convinces Indiana School to Drop Teacher-Led Prayers

Students raise their hands to answer a question during their class in a Catholic school in SarajevoAn atheist group has convinced an Indiana school district to ban its teacher led-prayers in its local public schools. The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Vigo County School Corporation in Terre Haute in May, demanding that it halt the practice of allowing teachers to lead prayers in area public schools. [Read more]

We Are Trivializing the Issue of Religious Freedom

Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, has been called “the first cradle of Christianity” of that country. In 2003, there were 60,000 Christians in the city. Today there are none. [Read more]

Unitarian Universalist Church Invaded by Protesters

14779512563_751c8ce59d_o[1]Sunday, July 20, members of Operation Save America, an offshoot of the radical anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, invaded a Unitarian Universalist church sanctuary in New Orleans during services and, during what was supposed to be a moment of sacred silent reflection in memory of a long-time member who passed away last week, interrupted the service and began to loudly spew their hate, calling the church an abomination and its members sinners. [Read more]

Beautifying the Bible: Campaign Launched to Redesign the Good Book

The Bible may be the most-read book in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy on the eyes. Designer and illustrator Adam Lewis Greene hopes to fix that, advertising a Bible redesign that would present the Gospel in a new, aesthetically pleasing package. [Read more]

Do Science and Religion Have to Be at Odds?

1_J3Ygm52dcu75LQkQ6McuEw[1]When we first arrive in this world, we’re confronted with a tremendous amount of new stimuli: a whole Universe’s worth of experience. And, as anyone who’s ever been a child or interacted with a child can tell you, that leads to questions about everything. [Read more]

How Do You Explain Consciousness?

Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers: “There’s nothing we know about more directly…. but at the same time it’s the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe.” He shares some ways to think about the movie playing in our heads.

[Read more]