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Our Godless Brains:
Emerging Science Reveals Mind-Blowing Alternatives to a Higher Power

brain_lightning_bolts-620x412[1]Physics is the mother science. As such, it holds the greatest power for discovering the true nature of the universe and life within it. Physicists these days seem preoccupied with astronomical issues, such as the origin and ultimate fate of the universe. But some physicists venture into the realm of biology, claiming that their unique experimental and mathematical skills give them special insight into matters of life and death. I just hate it when physicists write about biology. They sometimes say uninformed and silly things. [Read more]

Fighting Against Gay Marriage Christians Fast But Not Really Starve

fry[1]Some of you may already know about the Christian group in Virginia that is fighting against marriage equality by invoking the power of the Lord with a good old fashioned fast. The Family Foundation is rallying support in their calorie restricting scheme. The divine needs to be invoked because Virginia’s law against same-sex marriage is under attack. And excuse me for a moment if I’m going to make the obvious statement, but is anyone else surprised that the people fighting marriage equality are using the 40 day time period  in their holy jihad — the same amount of time it took to wipe out 99.999% of the human race via The Flood? [Read more]

“Jesus Not Coming Back By The Looks Of It” Admits Vatican [SATIRE]

Cards172828307-676x450[1]A SPOKESPERSON for the Vatican has officially announced today that the second coming of Jesus, the only son of the God, may not happen now after all, but urged followers to still continue with their faith, regardless of the news. Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore told WWN that this years 1,981st anniversary is to be the Vatican’s last in regards to waiting for the Lord to return to Earth. “We just feel Jesus is not coming back by the looks of it.” he said. [Read more]

Historical Evidence That Proves “Jesus Christ” Never Existed and Was Created by Constantine (Romans)

Ptolemy 1 Meryamun Setepenre (c.a. 367-283 B.C.E- Before Common Era) (aka Soter) (“Soter” means savior) became the first European pharaoh of Egypt through military force led by Alexander the Greek (a.k.a Alexander the Great). When Ptolemy became pharaoh of Egypt, he wanted the Egyptians to consecrate him as a god. He wanted to be called a god because that was the title all of the pharaohs of Egypt were called prior to him. However, the people of Egypt refused to call him a god because they knew the only reason he became a pharaoh was through force, so in “305 BC – Ptolemy took the title of Pharaoh, taking the Egyptian name Meryamun Setepenre, which means “Beloved of Amun (Amun means God) Chosen of Ra (Ra means God)”, and because of the Egyptians refusal to acknowledge him as a God, he began killing the people of Egypt, which caused the Egyptian priests at Memphis to give into his request by agreeing to consecrate him to priesthood, in order to save their own lives. [Read more]

Sri Lanka Throws British Traveler in Jail Over Her Buddha Tattoo, Intends to Deport Her

upg1H5b[1]Buddhists who want to truly serve their faith could do better than to behave like thin-skinned jackasses over insults that aren’t. Some of the most fanatical (and sometimes violent) Buddhists can be found in Sri Lanka. Let’s take a closer look. Four years ago, a couple of Muslim traders received suspended jail sentences for selling key chains that depicted Buddha. Two years ago, a Sri Lankan court gave suspended jail sentences and fines to three French tourists who had taken pictures of themselves in front of a Buddha statue, including a photo in which one of them pretended to kiss the venerated sage. [Read more]

Virginia Christians Prepare for 40-Day Hunger Strike Against Same-Sex Marriage

Family-Foundation-brass-at-Feb-marriage-rally-via-FB-615x345[1]A Virginia-based evangelical Christian group known as the Family Foundation is planning for its members to fast and pray for 40 days and 40 nights later this year in an effort to fight same-sex marriage. According to LGBT website FrontiersLA.com, The Family Foundation announced earlier this week that members will be refusing food from Aug. 27 to Oct. 4 in support of the state’s Marriage Amendment, passed in 2006, which defined marriage in Virginia as a right reserved only for heterosexual couples.[Read more]

United Church of Christ Files Lawsuit Against North Carolina’s Marriage Equality Ban

North_Carolina_State_Capitol_insert_by_Jim_Bowen_via_Wikimedia[1]The United Church of Christ and a group of clergy and same-sex couples on Monday filed a federal lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s constitutional amendment that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The lawsuit — which was filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina — argues the marriage amendment violates the religious beliefs of denominations and congregants who support the recognition of gay nuptials and clergy who want to perform them. [Read more]

The Erotic Urge: What’s Behind Our Sexual Attractions?

couple2[1]What makes something erotic? Sex is not new; nor the idea that erotic taste varies from person to person. Some like big, some small, wild, or cultured, vixen or modest, ripped or boy next door, tall, or short, settled or a nomad, in charge or submissive, loving or selfish. Personality counts as well.  Pick up Plato’s 2500 year old dialogue on love called The Symposium. The main character, Socrates, had no money, no looks and no position. But he was  charismatic, brilliant and compelling, and others found him exciting. [Read more]

Brain Circuits Involved in Emotion Discovered

brain-1a[1]New research by the University of Bristol, published in the Journal of Physiology has identified a chain of neural connections which links central survival circuits to the spinal cord, causing the body to freeze when experiencing fear. Understanding how these central neural pathways work is a fundamental step towards developing effective treatments for emotional disorders such as anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. [Read more]

Slavery. Bible Style

313760_340087942772870_1804697252_n[1]The standard Christian apologetical tactics regarding slavery are most forcefully refuted in Hector Avalos’ comprehensive book Slavery, Abolitionism, and the Ethics of Biblical Scholarship.  Thom Stark‘s treatment in his (freely downloadable) book Is God a Moral Compromiser? (pp165-208) is also superb; in fact, I consider Stark’s book to be the best general reference work concerning the terrible ethics of the Bible. [Read more]

80 Child Deaths Linked to Oregon Church, Parents Say It is a Matter of Faith

syblerossiter-530x339[1]A church in Oregon has been linked to over 80 child deaths since 1976. Parents in the fundamental Pentecostal sect, however, claim that the kids’ deaths are just a matter of their deeply held faith. Church of the First Born preaches that their members-even young children-should forego medical treatment and instead rely on God alone. This belief extends even to the treatment of manageable disease and chronic conditions, such as pneumonia and diabetes. [Read more]

David Fitzgerald’s Fork in the Road That Let to a Life of Atheism

f92e92ec57b9617d64cd2322dd5246e8[1]A fork in the road, faced by the timorous can be grounds for confusion, helplessness, immobility and, at its worst, terror. Faced by someone pluckier, it is and chance to learn something new about how to navigate safely in the face of uncertainty. David Fitzgerald is an intrepid soul who was jolted by an unexpected branch on his safe and predictable path. Having been raised in a religious home, there was no doubt in his mind about the importance of Christ until a purely social conversation with a girl in college turned his world into more question than answer. So David began his search for what was true, what would hold up under inspection and found what would guide his own life from that point on. [Read more]

Christian Post Blogger: Keep Marijuana Illegal Because Pot Users Are Bound For Hell 

Christian Post blogger Michael Bresciani believes lawmakers should maintain marijuana prohibition laws because he thinks the Book of Revelation condemns pot users to Hell. [Read more]

Which Jesus?

An audio/video synchronized lecture “Which Jesus: Examining Differences in the Gospel Narratives” by Jeremy Beahan, of the Reasonable Doubts podcast fame, recorded at CFI Michigan. [Read more]