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Leaving Christianity: Looking Back After One Year

lookingback[1]I committed to atheism on May 25, 2013. My de-conversion took years to come to fruition and was met with, as expected, many angry responses. I only recently discovered this site and would like to share my story as well. Raised by my grandparents from birth, I was in church every Sunday since I can remember. My grandfather was a preacher and I learned quickly to be quiet and sit still during service. When I didn’t, my grandmother would take me out the front door and spank me good. That was the beginning of the religious fear I would carry for 28 years. [Read more]


assume1[1]Most of the testimonies we see here are from people coming out of the outhouse, still dirty, but at the same time, still expecting to salvage the lunches they invested there. In both instances, they‘re not worth saving. We read from those who are still mourning the loss of lunches they enjoyed while still under the influence, while others are searching through the wreckage of collapsed beliefs, not for lunches, but for the remnants of placebos, uppers and tranquilizers their religions provided. To all of them, we offer something to consider: The present citizens of a Europe rapidly becoming religion-free, secular. Their ancestors who died for the faith are buried all over Europe. What a tremendous waste of lives as a result of ignorance perpetuated by religion. [Read more]

Do You Have To Be A Practicing Catholic To Attend A Catholic School?

catholicschool[1]When it comes to spirituality, this type of story always makes me cringe. It’s the very reason I personally choose not to be associated with any one particular religion. Here is an account describing the lengths one non-practicing Catholic couple was willing to take in order for their sons to ‘fit in’ at the school of their choice. (It’s really MY story in disguise – a few names and other details have been altered to protect the innocent, as well as those not so innocent). [Read more]