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Well, we got our first random spam from a reader.
Unsolicited emails are always welcomed, and yes, we’ll post that shhtuff.
Below is a copy-paste of the full email from a Muslim bashing the science of Evolution.
Read, enjoy, laugh, respond. šŸ™‚

– Steve, Editor

FROM: omar khan <rainninghills@tahoo.com>


Evoultion Theory succumb in concept of Time
Time is illusion, A relative standard,Time in reality does not exist ....Einstein

What is a  definite proof that Evolution theory is short or a false dogma,  It is WATER
In billion years Water....H2O.. remained unaffected by Time, Water H20 ..is not a product
of Time.
Atomic and molecular weight of all elements  and compounds will reman same and unchanged
until  Eternity
Water H20 ..is Timeless..whooooo created water??????????? no water , no evolution.
Male Female dilema is against gradual change of evolution theory.it is sexual  action
between two counter parts
MALE and FEMALE....cause reproduction, reproduction is a process that cannot be caused by
time or
accomodated by evolution theory..
no reproduction, no evolution, Repeatation of life and death is a divine rule or decree,
no repeatation of life and death
no evolution, no survival of fittest, no natural selection.EVOLUTION THEORY IS FALSE OR A

If you are infected by Evolution theory .There is a cure ..say I  belive in God Almighty
who is Eternal, My God is not
affected by Time. If your thoughts are invaded  by Dawkins ......There is a cure....say I
put my trust in God Almighty
My God is eternal not affected by Time..

Time and Money two relative standard, Money seems to buy everything, Time seems to change
everything in nature
Nooooooooo both idea is false, Time will never change water...water H2O is
timeslless....Evolution theory failed here
Evolution theory is based on time...when singing of million years or billion years fails,
Evolution fails.(confirmed)
Time is not a cause
Time is not a real entity
To validate Evolution theory you must establish a definition of Time....It is not

1Kg,1Lbs,1Km,1Mile,1minute,hour,1 year, 100 years, million years
Time is a relative standard (einstein)
Time is not a cause to bring any change in nature. noooooooo
Time is not real ..
Evolution theory itself is a direct evidence of existance of God, Evolution Theory
seriously inquire about origin.
Origin of species..is a serious proof of a greater origin......why origin, is it beacuse
there is no origin at all?

Charles Darwin was not aware that He was searching his own self in remote galactic island.
Buddah was searching his own origin under a tree in wilderness, Doctor Gates a black man
travelled in sahara desrt, TimbakTu.,
It was not in search of black race......but origin of his own self.

In  computer people are hitting billion times in searching zone, you climb himalaya, cross
arctic ice, you are always after new adventures, new frontiers, you are searching and
searching and searching
Technology, civilization, inventions are by products of your searching........questions
come whattttttttttttttt actualy you are searching, whatttt darwin, buddah was searching,
it was certainly ORIGIN
OF ALL ORIGINS.it is a tragedy todays scientist do not understand darwins famous book
ORIGIN OF SPECIES.patheticaly strive to establish  an  origin as pequilier as in
creationist mind and natural selection his infinite will which caused
diversity of colour,race,and species of diffrent nature..do you not understand evolution
fails to explain beyond living creatures and life......whoooo created the universe and
posseses realm of higher wisdom  yet to discover by humen limited
acquired knowledge.

It was prophats and messengers gave a direct answer, hey people you are actualy searching
GOD ALMIGHTY, a concept and reality beyond and beyond and beyond humen logic, metaphor and
acquired knowledge.

IT IS DECLARED  in Torah......God of Israel I exist , God of Isreal is one
Mohammed declared in quran,  Say He is Allah, The One and Only,  Allah The Eternal and
He begetteth not nor He is begotten, and there is none like unto Him   (quran)
Jesus awakenned dead, and claimed My God is greater than I

Moses divided sea, Abraham was thrown in fire, all miracles were against natural laws so
that you know nature and
natural selection is divine decree, it is a concept  where time does not apply,  According
to evolution theory journey of a single cell
to become a free humen (self) claim democracy and freedom is a direct evidince of a mighty
divine will... Astronomy says universe had a beginig (bigbang) and universe will end up on
a reverse massacre when running apart of galaxy and stars
reach  gravitational force .Zeropoint. since universe had a begining and an end there must
be a creator.. no matter how pequilier the claim it is in your imagination.... quantum
physics, nature and natural selections is only humen failure to know
who is God.. An american scientist claimed. give me technology and Time, I will make a
man, his intention was to prove A GOD is not necessary to make a robotic man who can
perform more complex roles than natural humen species.....But is
it not true that american scientist will be creator of that robot....so origin cannot be

Evolution theory has caused seveare distraction in humen psyco,. There is an epidemic of
Atheism, root cause is Evolution Theory. when you try to conclude  whole thing  in a
concept of Nature You are trying to achive ONE definition, you will
only search and search and search , Technology, Civilization , Invention is by product of
your searching....,Like darwin or buddah you are actualy searching your origin, but you
are not aware. By a concept of TIME  or NATURE, it appears you
are trying to reach an origin cannot be explained by humen acquired knowledge. Prophats
and messengers in generations proclaimed THE SAME FACT , Your origin is  GodAlmighty..

By a general term it is defined  GOD IS ONE, but whatttttttt actualy one means ?????? It
has a powerful meaning as astronomy says eye of a black hole is a  singular point..where
gaint stars are crushed in one direction, one means DIFFRENT
and power , nearest evidence is in You as you are diffrent than others , GOD IS GOD, YOU
ARE YOU including spirit of
Jesus, At this point humanity got toital freedom and thus accountable for his actions.,
Nature ,Time,, Energy are  inert concepts in this everchanging universe, nothing can take
a decision except You.....beacuse only you represent God
Almighty.....Did you ever think why you are so mystical, magical, powerful ?????  You can
accomodate 1000 universe in one corner of your mind YOU TRUELY REPRESENT SOMETHING GREATER
THAN MONKY......Only superficial
similarity and resembelence will never make a monky ancestor or equal to man.....it is a
statement of God Almighty in bible, quran and torah...MAN IS MADE FROM CLAY.and  clay
attained status of humen when soul is breathed into
WATER (H2O) or life or monkylike creature found in any other planet....If anything
happened from a begining point like BIGBANG it could
be nothing but a command proceeding from divine panel or from where two cars will come  to
cause an accident to happen, Do you not understand if  life or begining of universe
started from an accidendt, every new incident , every new
phenomena will demand an accident......NOTHING WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT A PRIOR
ACCIDENT.......it is just not possible universe or life started from an accident and then
everything just following smootthly   specific laws.....If you are still
in confision about existance of God looooook deeply a piece of bullsheet, it confirms
existance of a BULL....
Do not be offended beacuse matter is that simple for a great open mind.....To all
scientist ,philpsophers, thinkers our final claim is that, neither buddist
philosophy,evolution theory or science including quantum physics can establish a concept
SELF (one) which we enjoy all our life time...it only started from an everlasting eternal
panel as a gift from GOD ALMIGHTY. Without an I you will not be able to type a single
sentence, Me Me Me....my car my house , love me, only love
me..without an I you will not be able to represent your self not a single second, 24 hours
you confirm existance of God.....you are a reflection and echo of an anciant call GOD OF
ISRAEL I EXIST....I AM ONE....We conclude humanity will
contnue to search his origin, civilization, technology will be by products of humen
searching, still some of us  like Darwin, Ali sina, or Richard Dawkins  will succumb
within their limited humen acquired knowledge and fall apart from eternal plan
as  God Almighty declared in scriptures

"But there is a ban on any population which We have caused to perish that They shall not

We have an answer of the greatest inquiry and question comes in Atheist mind, IF GOD EXIST
In our authentic knowledge The most plain and simple truth of the whole matter is a fact
that no prophat or messenger who received book of laws ever claimed that they have seen
God Directly, So even for prophats  it was a matter of beleif in
UNSSEN......... Did you see your Lord ???....a question was asked to prophat of
islam......Mohammed.....answer was given How can i see God Almighty who is LIGHT.  To
angel Gabreil who carried all the books of laws between God and
messengers.....same question was asked ..Did you see your God ???.......answer was given
by angel Gabreil there is screens of light between me and God Almighty....if i exceed my
limitation I will be burned and reduced to ash...so not only
prophats even for an angel it is a matter of faith in UNSEEN.....Our answer to an atheist
mind can you stand  in a nuclear feild which is more powerful than thousand atomic
blast.......your existance of flesh and blood will succumb(similtitude)
If you are truely sincere to know whoooooo is God...??? following verse will cast a hint
to your inquiry.

When Moses came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord adressed to him, He said "O my
Lord show (Thyself) to me, that I may look upon Thee" Allah said " By no means  canst thou
see Me.......(DIRECT)
But look upon the mount , if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me  " When his
Lord menifested His glory on the Mount, He made it as dust, and Moses fell down in a
swoon, When He recovered his senses, he said " Glory be to Thee ..
to Thee I turn into repentence , and Iam the first to belive"

QURAN 7:143

Think beyond Time, Evolution theory succumb in concept of time, Time is relative standard,
does not exist.( Einstein)
If you are infected by Evolution theory, there is a Cure  say I belive in God Almighty, My
God is eternal , not affected by Time.

delete this mesage for it may recover your faith in GOD ALMIGHTY)