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7 Ways to Celebrate The National Day of Reason

Square-logo-NDR[1]National Day of Reason, held on the first Thursday of May, was created not only to celebrate reason but to inspire the secular community to be visible and active in contrast to the Congressionally-mandated National Day of Prayer. There are several ways to show your support and commitment to the separation of religion and government, and one of them is to have your local group host a special National Day of Reason event. National Day of Reason is taking place in a little over a month, and your local group can participate in any way that you choose. Some groups have an activist-oriented event, such as a rally at a local courthouse, while other groups’ events are more socially focused, such as an educational presentation or discussion, or a community service project. [Read more]

ACLU Steps In When Tennessee After-School Program Allegedly Tells Student He Can’t Read Bible

On March 20, staff at Tennessee’s Cannon County REACH after-school program reportedly told a student he was not allowed to read his Bible at school. If they let him read the Bible on school property, staff allegedly told the boy’s mother, they ran the risk of being shut down by the state. The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee (ACLU-TN) stepped in when the student’s mother contacted them, seeing in the case a clear misunderstanding of what the First Amendment of the Constitution really says about religious freedom. [Read more]

A. C. Grayling Visits the Creation Museum, and Speaks About Humanism

This one-hour video, put up yesterday, shows Philosopher Anthony Grayling “speaking on ‘Humanism’ at The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies 2014 Convention.”

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Kindergartner Praying Controversy: Potential Hoax?

Outrage is swirling around the story emerging from Oviedo, Florida involving a five-year-old girl who was allegedly interrupted during her lunchtime prayer. According to a story told to the Orlando Sentinel, a kindergartner was preparing to pray over her meal when a ‘lunch teacher’ at Carillon Elementary stopped her. “My lunch teacher told me that, when I was about to say something…you’re not allowed to pray.”

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Practicing Buddhist-Wiccan Police Officer Sues LAPD for Harassment

A female Los Angeles police officer who says she found a “Blues Brothers” movie poster placed near her desk that read, “We’re on a Mission from God” is suing the city, alleging she was harassed because of her gender and religion, then suffered a backlash when she complained. [Read more]

The Child Goddess Tradition of Nepal

kumari-300x193[1]Do your best to apprehend and suspend your Western perceptions – brace yourselves. There are many traditions, emanating from more countries than we can name, that immediately put-off a foreigner unconditioned to its practice. This may very well may be one for some. The ritualistic veneration of the “Kumari” or “Kumari Devi” is the Nepalese tradition of deifying a pre-pubescent girl who is not a born a living goddess, but later assumes said power by virtue of undergoing an alleged transmutational-reincarnation of the demon-slaying Hindu goddess, Durga. [Read more]