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5 Reasons Why Calvinism Makes Me Want To Gouge My Eyes Out

Frustrated-Teacher[1]I have a confession to make. Well, it’s more like a profession: Out of all of the theologies in the world, I find Calvinism among the most offensive. And frustrating. And irritating. Like the kind of stuff that makes me want to gouge out my eyes (or something like that). Truth be told, I like Calvinism as much as I like black olives… and I wouldn’t eat a black olive if I were on a game show for a lot of money (okay, maybe I would– but I wouldn’t become a Calvinist for a lot of money). [Read more]

When do Historical Inaccuracies Matter?

download[1]Here’s something that gets me. I was sitting in a diner down south when Mel Gibson’s Passion came out. Folks there praised it constantly. It was “inspired,” it was “a work of faith and artistry”. But Gibson put in a lot of non-biblical material, like the scene where Judas is chased by demonic children. Gibson had drawn a lot of his material from Anne Catherine Emmerich and other Catholic sources. Yet I heard no one accuse it of being “unbiblical” of “historically inaccurate.” [Read more]

Geek Goes Catholic:
How Atheists, Comic Books and Eating Jesus Led me Home

2013-08-11-08.55.39-300x224[1]Imagine, if you will, a boy. There is always a boy or a girl in these sorts of stories. He is blond and skeletal thin, running across the large green field beside his house. Star Wars, the St. Louis Cardinals, and Jesus are all jumbled up inside his head. If you asked him, he could talk about all three with equal passion. See him as he bikes around his small, Southern Indiana town. The world is alive to him, and somehow, he knows that God is behind everything. This simple faith is profound and beautiful. He isn’t aware that he was born to a teenage mom and a dad who dropped out of college to take care of them. The boy doesn’t know that they sometimes survive on government cheese. [Read more]

Is the Universe an Accident?

BT_center_final[1]Alan Lightman:  For centuries scientists and especially physicists have believed that we would be able to show why our universe is as it is as a necessary consequence of certain fundamental principles and laws.  Like finding – having a crossword puzzle with only one solution, the given certain very fundamental principles like the law of conservation of energy that there would be only one self-consistent universe allowed. [Read more]

False Dilemmas in Science and Faith

far[1]Heads or tails? Odds are somewhat even either one of these will be the result of a coin toss. Sure, there is an infintessimal chance that it will land on its edge, but seriously? The concept of “heads or tails” is the go-to principle for just about every “either/or” situation that comes up, and many of us humans are so very fond of feeling the need to pick one.The dictionary even has an entry for “Either-Or,” defining it as an unavoidable choice or exclusive division between only two alternatives. [Read more]

Psychic Swindled Residents of Care Home, Court Told

One of Northern Ireland‘s most high-profile psychics has appeared in court charged with fraud. Patrick Doak, who runs the Centre of Angels complex on Belfast‘s Falls Road, sat in the dock at Laganside Crown Court yesterday as his trial got under way. [Read more]

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Two Main Philosophies


Religious Freedom Extravaganza

I recently had two significant debates about religious freedom on bloggingheads, with two thoughtful conservatives, Michael Brendan Dougherty and Matthew Anderson. [Read more]

The Emotional Toll of Hell: Cross-National and Experimental Evidence for the Negative Well-Being Effects of Hell Beliefs

Though beliefs in Heaven and Hell are related, they are associated with different personality characteristics and social phenomena. Here we present three studies measuring Heaven and Hell beliefs’ associations with and impact on subjective well-being. [Read more]

Christian Scientists Seek Exemption From New Healthcare Rules

As pieces of the nation’s new healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), continue to take effect throughout the country many continue to mount opposition to the new rules. [Read more]

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