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This Is What We Don’t Know About The Universe

life-unbounded[1]In recent days I’ve had some interesting conversations. There’s a giddiness going around, related to an outpouring of science love – the kind you get from President Obama introducing TV science shows, the kind that has wonderful visuals, but is, well, a wee bit simplistic (a sin that none of us could ever, ever be accused of, naturally). It’s all very positive, commendable, and perfectly reasonable. [Read more]

The Problem with Evangelicalism is Not Evangelism

1262587_332378626908049_1879140176_o[1]On 14 January 2014, Ben wrote an article in the form of a “Break-up Letter” to Evangelicalism. Titled, “Dear Evangelicalism: I Don’t Think This Relationship Is Going To Work.” it remains one of my top-ten blog posts in the history of the known universe. The first half of his blog is wonderfully poignant regarding his personal feelings about the Evangelical movement, and is sprinkled with wit and wisdom. [Read more]

Catholic Schools Should Be Able to Fire Some Gay Teachers for Being Gay

800pxeastside_catholic_campus.jpg.CROP.promo-mediumlarge[1]Mark Zmuda, the popular former vice principal of the Seattle area’s Eastside Catholic High School, brought suit against his erstwhile employer last Friday, alleging that his discriminatory dismissal from the school violated numerous state laws. I’m fairly certain Zmuda will lose his lawsuit, and his defeat will represent the unhappy conclusion to an already dispiriting and regrettable incident. But  it’s worth noting that Zmuda probably should lose his case—and that, counter-intuitive as it may seem, his loss will be a win for the separation of church and state. [Read more]

House OKs Religious Exemptions to Having a Healthcare Plan

House Democrats joined Republicans on Tuesday to pass legislation that would expand an exemption under ObamaCare for people who don’t want health insurance for religious reasons. [Read more]

Myth: Atheism is a Crutch, Opiate of the Egotistical, Prepackaged Worldview

It’s not uncommon for atheists to argue that religion and theism are a sort of crutch that makes it easier for people to deal with problems in life, so perhaps it’s not a surprise that some might try to turn this around and argue that atheism is actually the crutch. [Read more]

Myth: Atheists Believe In Nothing: Don’t Atheists Care About Anything?

This myth is based upon a misunderstanding of what atheism is. Many theists think that atheists don’t believe in anything at all; evidently, we have no goals, no ideals, and no beliefs whatsoever. [Read more]

What Have We Learned from Pastors Who Secretly Don’t Believe in God?

EGWsnRf[1]Four years ago, philosopher Daniel Dennett and researcher Linda LaScola released a groundbreaking study of pastors who no longer believed in God yet were still in the pulpit. It was a project that led to the formation of The Clergy Project, a private discussion forum for closeted atheist pastors. Dennett and LaScola released a book last November explaining what they discovered and learned from their study called Caught in The Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind. Now, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science has uploaded a video interview (in two parts) with LaScola in which she goes more in depth about her research. [Read more]

Russell Crowe Film ‘Noah’ Edited to Appease Christians Upset by ‘Historical Inaccuracies’

russell-crowe-on-shutterstock[1]According to The Wrap, Paramount Pictures has edited Darren Aronofsky’s Noah — which stars Russell Crowe in the titular role — in order to avoid offending Christian viewers. Aronofsky allegedly told an associate that he was “not happy” when he learned that Paramount had appended a disclaimer to both the film and promotional materials for it. [Read more]

Pope Francis Criticized for Defensive Comments on Abuse Scandal

Retired Pope Benedict XVI greets Pope Francis at conclusion of consistory at which Pope Francis created 19 new cardinals at VaticanThe Vatican is trying to reassure Catholics and the public that Pope Francis takes the clerical sex abuse crisis seriously in the wake of defensive comments Francis made this week, the first serious bump in the road for a pope approaching the first anniversary of his election with sky-high approval ratings. In an interview published Wednesday (March 5) with an Italian newspaper, Francis was asked about the scandal that has shaken the faith of many Catholics, especially in the U.S., and why he hasn’t fought back against criticisms of the church’s record. [Read more]

The Lone Atheist at CPAC

Like justice, as Lenny Bruce would have it, all of the action at something like CPAC, the annual gathering of the cream of American conservatism, is out in the halls. [Read more]