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The Origin of Intelligence

BT_origina_of_intelligence[1]Michio Kaku:  In the entire universe the two greatest scientific mysteries are first of all the origin of the universe itself.  And second of all the origin of intelligence.  Believe it or not, sitting on our shoulders is the most complex object that Mother Nature has created in the known universe.  You have to go at least 24 trillion miles to the nearest star to find a planet that may have life and may have intelligence. [Read more]

Do Migraines Cause Religion?

headache2[1]Stop sniggering there at the back. I’m serious! This is a study on nearly 25,000 Norwegians conducted over 10 years (the Nord-Trøndelag Health Survey (HUNT)). The purpose of HUNT is to track changes in health in the whole population over several decades – and one of the things they measured in the latest survey round (HUNT 3, conducted 2006-2008) was religious attendance. [Read more]

What Are (Some) Christians Saying About ‘Cosmos’ on Twitter?

You’ve Been Warned… [Read them]

The Junk DNA in Your Face

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Answer: Junk DNA. Our friends at DNews explain in this video that your face is made up of the stuff. It will make you take a closer look in the mirror.

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The Science of Lucid Dreaming

Think you don’t dream? Everyone has 3 to 7 dreams a night on average. Lucid dreaming means that you can control your dreams–with a little practice.

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