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Colleges Should Teach Religion to Their Students

lead[1]I think religion should be taught in college. I’m not talking about “religious studies,” that is, the study of the phenomenon of religion. I’m talking about having imams, priests, pastors, rabbis, and other clerics teach the practice of their faiths. In college classrooms. To college students. For credit. I think religion should be taught in college because I believe it can help save floundering undergraduates. [Read more]

Kentucky Church Gives Away Guns And Steaks — But Not Bibles

guns_giveaway[1]Many Americans cannot seem to understand why Red America behave as they do. Why are they so infatuated with guns at all cost? Why do they have such a devotion to inconsistent moral values? This event at Lone Oak First Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky speaks volumes. It turns out the church used guns and steak to lure people (customers) to the church. David Keele claims the goal is to do two things. The primary thing is Jesus. But they will also talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. Of course they made the event less intimidating to the not so active Christians. [Read more]

The Religious Right’s 5 Most Demented Persecution Fantasies

religion-620x412[1]You could call it chutzpah, except they’d probably claim that word oppresses them: Conservative Christian film production companies are making not one, but two movies this year called Persecuted, to promote the myth that conservative Christians have reason to fear they are being oppressed by an evil, secularist government. [Read more]

Creationists Watch ‘Cosmos,’ Emit Billions and Billions of Sad Words

jesuscried[1]We must be reaching some sort of event horizon where evangelicals will participate in no culture whatsoever and will stop whining about it, right? Please? Today brings us the inevitable news that watching “Cosmos” — a show that is (thank god) aggressively up front about explaining evolution — made creationists and fellow travelers SO MAD. [Read more]

Pope Francis’ Reforms For The Catholic Church May Be Bigger Than Anyone Dreamed

VATICAN-POPE-AUDIENCEAs Pope Francis approaches the one-year mark of his papacy, his global flock and a fascinated public are starting to measure the changes he is making against the sky-high hopes for transforming an institution many thought impervious to change. [Read more]

The Omnimalevolent Creator and the Problem of Good

man_drought_20090718[1]If we found a bomb concealed in a children’s kindergarten, primed and set to detonate when it would wreak the greatest possible carnage, we would reasonably assume that someone vicious and vile – someone evil – had designed the device and had purposefully put it there maximise suffering. How much more reasonable must it be for the impartial observer to then attribute the world as we know it to a vicious and vile, non-contingent, omnipresent, omnipotent, omnimalevolent designer? [Read more]

Heathen Woman: The Sacrifice

wotan-and-yggdrasil-james-carl-mcknight-300x231[1]When we consider the stories of the Norse gods that are found in the Eddas, one common theme is that of self-sacrifice. The most obvious and talked about sacrifice is Odin’s eye, which he traded to Mimir for a drink from the deep well of wisdom. Some scholars have debated as to whether the eye that Odin left was perhaps his third eye, so that he could see into extended depths throughout the realms and further his pursuit of wisdom in various matters. [Read more]

Mock Arrests of Ohio Pastors Create Confusion

The staged arrests of pastors in front of their congregations in northeast Ohio got a surprising reaction for one sheriff. [Read more]

Deepening Religious Faith Among Atheists & Christians

It’s only to be expected that many religious believers would want their religious faith to deepen over time and it’s probably to be expected that devout believers would report higher rates of deepening religious faith. [Read more]

Anti-Atheist Bigotry: I Don’t Really Hate Atheists, Honest!

Perhaps the most hypocritical response to atheists’ denunciations of anti-atheist bigotry is the excuse that “I don’t really hate atheists.” [Read more]

When Jesus Revolves Around Oklahoma

Deep in the bowels of Oklahoma (the State Legislature) yet more religious dung is piling up. HB1674 has made its way through the colon (the House of Representatives) on a 79 – 6 vote and is headed for the rectum (the State Senate). [Read more]

The Certainty of Uncertainty

Words. They are a wonderful creation of humanity’s. They have allowed us to pass on information, to record the present to share with the future, to communicate the present to change the present, to share experiences and either laugh or cry together, and to understand. [Read more]

Here Are the Most and Least “Bible-Minded” Cities in America!


The recent results of seven years of phone and web interviews by the American Bible Society have revealed the most and least “Bible-minded” cities in America. The obvious and stereotyped cities didn’t take top honors in either category. Instead, Chatanooga, TN was the “Most Bible-Minded” and Providence, RI/New Bedford, MA was the least. [Read more]