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Singapore Megachurches Hope To Make City-State Into Center Of Prosperity Gospel Christianity

A cyclist rides past the City Harvest ChGod is here, God is here,” croons Singapore church official Sun Ho as she struts across a neon-lit stage and thousands of people in the congregation pump their hands and sing along. Kong Hee, the church’s founding pastor and Sun Ho’s husband, then takes the stage. [Read more]

Neil degrasse Tyson Sees No Evidence for Judeo Christian God

Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-Cover-ftr-1024x640[1]In an extended conversation about science, religion and the universe with Bill Moyers last January Tyson argued that science and religion are not compatible. Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and host of the upcoming Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey premiering this Sunday, March 9, on Fox. [Read more]

Self Pitying Christian Right: How Can We Practice Religion if We Can’t Discriminate?

bible_anger_christian[1]When it became clear that conservatives were going to lose a fight in Arizona (and then elsewhere) to establish legal protections for anti-gay religious business owners and others, nobody on the left expected an immediate course correction. But to a disappointing degree, conservative supporters of Arizona’s SB 1062 have eschewed introspection of any kind, and have instead retreated into an ideologically insulated cocoon of self-pity. [Read more]

Escaping the Brainwash

brainwashed2[1]I can proudly say that I escaped the Christian brainwashing that I endured for over 25 years. My parents were religious, especially my father who tried converted everyone in path to become a born again Christian. Going to church every Sunday was boring and always left me feeling like a guilty sinner. As much as I hated church and all the strict rules, I tried my very best to follow the “straight and narrow path” that God had for me. My main motivation to be a good Christian and go to church was the fear of hell. And boy was it scary! [Read more]

Questionable Naturopathy a Natural Fit for Mega-Church

mars-hill-baptism[1]Until his license was suspended, naturopath John Catanzaro was a role model at Mars Hill Church in Ballard, Washington—a respected contributor to the church’s Resurgence blog, where he urged readers to “know Jesus Christ as a personal Savior, Guide and Friend.” The license suspension came because Catanzaro charged cancer patients thousands of dollars for questionable treatments he developed himself without appropriate research and review. [Read more]

Americans United And Allies Ask Federal Appeals Court To Strike Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Americans United has joined a legal brief asking a federal appeals court to uphold a lower court ruling that struck down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban. [Read more]

Americans United Says ‘Religious Liberty’ Does Not Justify Performing Harmful ‘Reparative’ Therapy On Minors

The doctrine of religious freedom does not give licensed therapists the right to perform damaging “reparative” therapy on minors, Americans United for Separation of Church and State says. [Read more]