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Critical Review of Maurice Casey’s Defense of the Historicity of Jesus

9780567592248[1]So far only two contemporary books have been written in defense of the historicity of Jesus (nothing properly comparable has been published in almost a hundred years). They both suck. Which is annoying, because it should not be hard to write a good book in defense of historicity. And to be “good” I don’t require that it be successful, or convincing (though I would welcome that!), just worth reading, honest, accurate, informative, well-organized, well-sourced, giving mythicism the best shot possible, and being as self-critical as anyone would want mythicists to be. But alas, what we have are two travesties. [Read more]

Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education IIIa: In Which A Certain Atmosphere is Created

religion-vs-science1[1]After the absurdities of ACE and the travesty that is Bob Jones University’s idea of the earth sciences, it is almost with relief that I turn back to SPC. Oh, granted, it is also full of creationist crap – but there were some useful, even educational, bits, and I hope to find more.  Alas, my hopes are dealt a blow by the introduction to Unit I: Meteorology and Oceanography. Beneath the facing photo of sailboats, Psalm 115:16 sez God gave humans the earth, and the first sentence of the chapter is, “God created the earth’s atmosphere…” [Read more]

Printing A Human Heart

Printing-a-Human-Heart[1]We’re not to the point of printing working organs yet, (although we are getting closer), but 3D printing technology recently played a very cool part in the care of an infant who underwent surgery for a double outlet right ventricle. I found a video from courier-journal.com describing the collaboration between University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering and the physicians at the University of Louisville. [Read more]

Christian Oppression… By Christians

The opinion piece in the Patriot Post actually starts out reasonably. The first 6 paragraphs go nicely. Then we get a little slide into slippery slope arguing, and land in a steaming mound of culture war against homosexual activists. [Read more]

I Find Your Respect Disrespectful

Today I had a debate with an atheist friend who’s very lenient towards religion, and says that religion is a very valid need of humanity. He says: “Nowhere you hear the word ‘god’ more than in a cancer ward. [Read more]

Alternatives to Science

An apologist for any unscientific belief is likely to declare sooner or later that ‘Science does not have all the answers.’ [Read more]

Faith-Based Politics: Using Religion to Establish Power & Control over People

Ideally, democratic politics is the “art of the possible” — the art of getting things done and governing a community in which diverse interests and perspectives exist. [Read more]

Enjoying the Good Life Without Gods: Gods, Religion Not Needed to Enjoy Life

It’s common for religious theists to be incredulous at the idea that a person could not just live, but enjoy life without believing in any gods and without following any religion. [Read more]

Faith-Based Politics: Kinship Between National Socialism & Roman Catholicism

It’s common for Christians to assume that Christian churches resisted Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. The truth is that not only did few even go so far as to voice criticism, much less overtly and publicly resist, but some actually made serious arguments for the idea that Christianity and Nazi ideology were totally compatible. [Read more]

Good Questions and Bad Law

american_flag_and_constitution-300x204[1]JT posted a clip of Anderson Cooper interviewing Al Melvin, Republican member of the Arizona Senate. Melvin was one of the supporters of the recent “religious freedom” bill. You can go to JT’s site for the interview, or for Jon Stewart’s take on the interview. There’s one particular exchange that caught my attention, so here’s a segment of the CNN transcript. [Read more]