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Crucified by Christian Best Friend

crucifixion1[1]I welcome anybody’s comments (or even comfort that the friend I describe below isn’t completely toast) who has had the soul-crushing experience I have–maybe your own struggles can help me understand this. I’m a mature adult, former teacher, and was never really a Christian (unless you count boring Sundays-only 1960’s Methodism as Christianity). I am part Native American, and I believe in all the paths–except the ones that say they have the Only Path and condemn women, gay people, intellectuals, artists, etc. etc. [Read more]

Divorcing God

divorcedecree1[1]For me, the God I understood as loving, kind,etc; was very abusive. I am going to share my definition of Atheist, but let me just try not to offend those that really understand physical abuse. I have never been in, nor do I want to make light of those who have struggled to survive and live past a physical and emotionally violent relationship. [Read more]

What People Talk About Before They Die

stihl-deathbed-scene[1]A while back I came across an internet article by a hospice chaplain that was a perfect illustration of how theological immersion can lead one to miss some of the most obvious – and most valuable – lessons of life. It showed how those trained to see the world through a theological lens will project their god into every experience, their own and others’. The article in question, by Kerry Egan, is “My Faith: What people talk about before they die,” which was published on the CNN religion blog in January of 2012. [Read more]

From Earth Chronicler to Planet Q

wonderland[1]Hello, it’s Diznie, reporting from Jerusalem, planet Earth, year here 38 C.E. (Some call this year 38 AD. I think it means “attention deficit,” which seems to be common around here.) I hear interesting stories about a man who made quite an impression around here within the last years of his life. (No, he’s not the one who has disciples preaching and begging in his name, the famous Harvey Chrishna.) [Read more]

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