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Adriana Ramirez Denied U.S. Citizenship Because She Is An Atheist

A California resident applying for citizenship has had her application for citizenship denied because she is an atheist, according to the American Humanist Association. Officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in San Diego rejected her application because they did not accept as valid her reasoning as a conscientious objector to ”take up arms in defense of the United States.” [Read more]

Three Reasons Why Christians Who Believe Homosexuality is a Sin Should Oppose Legalizing Discrimination Against Gays

Even though Arizona Governor Brewer has vetoed the legislation that would have allowed those with religious objections to deny service to gays, the debate will still go heatedly on.   The Christian right who pushed for the passage of this bill will condemn Governor Brewer, those business groups who pressured her into vetoing it, and the gay rights movement and their supporters. [Read more]

“Religious Freedom” = Religious Bigotry

stoning-religion-iran-stoned-for-being-emo[1]For once I’d really like to hear one honest statement from fundamentalists.  Just one.  What I’d like to hear is very simple, very succinct, and very clear.  “Religious Freedom” is the god given right to be a full on, unadulterated, shameless hateful BIGOT.  So, just say it jackasses.  Just say the words.  “I hate fags.  They are sub-human and must die.”  C’mon.  Just say the words and stop trying to dress it up to make it sound like you are a victim of religious discrimination.  Take out your bible right now and open it to Leviticus 20:13 and read the passage proudly. [Read more]

Alabama Lawmakers Pushing School Prayer Bill

Prayer-School-180x[1]Mandatory, official school prayer has been illegal for decades – Christian activists keep trying to reintroduce it but courts keep striking it down. Now, though, Alabama state representative Steve Hurst thinks he has come up with a clever way of getting around the restrictions: have teachers read out opening prayers from Congress. So instead of a religious exercise, it looks like a civics lesson. [Read more]

University Handles Issue with Bibles Correctly

Iowa State University was put in a difficult position after a complaint was recently filed by a Memorial Union hotel guest who was displeased to find the Bible in his hotel room. The guest proceeded to file a complaint with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, saying the Memorial Union’s hotel is a government owned hotel, as it is part of the university. The university was thus placed in a position that would certainly leave members of the public upset on one side of the issue or the other. [Read more]

Atheists & Christians on Removing “One nation under God” from the Pledge

The phrase ‘One nation under God‘ was add to America’s Pledge of Allegiance for religious reasons and very few Americans think that it should be removed – only 15% of all adults and 4% of evangelical Christians agree with the idea. The strongest support for removing One nation under God comes from atheists and agnostics, at 40%. Asian-Americans and some other demographic groups come close, but the overwhelming majority of every other group wants the United States to retain this religious oath as part of the Pledge of Allegiance. [Read more]