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Glenn Beck Is Done With America: ‘I’m Really Considering Burning The Flag’

Whatever America once was and once stood for and once represented, Glenn Beck said on his radio program today, that it is all over … and he really doesn’t even care anymore if they just burn Washington, DC and all of its monuments to the ground.

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Robertson: ‘When You See What [Gay People] Do, It’s Not Very Pretty’ 

Today on the 700 Club, in response to a viewer who asked him why he considers homosexuality to be a sin, Pat Robertson said that while it is not a sin to be attracted to members of the same sex, it is sinful to express those attractions.

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DeLay: Americans Have Forgotten That God Wrote The Constitution

As we noted earlier this year, Matthew Hagee has been hosting a weekly talk show called “The Difference” where he interviews people like Rick Santorum and now Tom DeLay, who declared that a lot of the problems in America can be traced back to the moment when “we allowed our government to become a secular government.”

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Cruz: ‘Our Heart Weeps’ Due To Marriage Equality Gains

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joined Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on Washington Watch yesterday to discuss his proposed State Marriage Defense Act, which as we explained earlier would “make it more difficult for married same-sex couples to receive legal recognition.” [Read more]

Boykin: When Jesus Comes Back, He’ll Be Carrying An AR-15 Assault Rifle

Last fall, the Family Research Council’s Jerry Boykin spoke at the WallBuilders’ Pro-Family Legislators Conference where he declared that when Jesus comes back, he’ll do so carrying an AR-15 assault rifle. As Boykin explained once before, Jesus was a tough guy and real “man’s man,” and that is because he is a warrior who will come back covered in the blood of his enemies and carrying an assault rifle … which is why every Bible believing Christian must own one as well: [Read more]

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Jesus is God. . . Are You Kidding Me?!

jesus-christ-the-son-of-god-wallpapers[1]Atheists get to be non-believers for many reasons, but perhaps the most common is finally getting around to reading the nastier and dumber parts of the Bible. What they find there is an enormous number of outrageous stories, contradictions, and head spinning incoherence. [Read more]


confession[1]There are different types of confession. There is confessing to wrongdoing, confessing as used in praising, and the romantic one expressed in the song title, “I‘m confessin’ that I love you.” An old adage: Confession is good for the soul. Supposedly, ordinary people do feel better, even relieved, after “fessing up” to a misdemeanor. Another kind of confession was one common in my primary family, where each member was encouraged, in the words of my dad, to join him and to “get it (your grievance) off your chest.” This didn’t resolve anything, because he was always drunk at the time he said it. [Read more]

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