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nyehamdebate[1]Crazy Creationists

Did you see the debate between Bill Nye “the science guy” and the Crazy Creationist guru, Ken Ham which happened right at the come let us dupe you Creationist Museum in Kentucky? If there was anything that should change a fundamentalist I believe the bible from Genesis to Maps believer person it is the plain, simple statement of the facts by Bill Nye “the science guy”. Then again you can’t fix stupid and facts have a hard time changing the Faithful. Check out the debate in the video below and see what you think. Imagine if you were still a crazy headed dogma filled believer and that you were in the audience would what you hear change you? What happens when facts meet faith? [Read more]

Closing the ‘Free Will’ Loophole

In a paper published this week in the journal Physical Review Letters, MIT researchers propose an experiment that may close the last major loophole of Bell’s inequality — a 50-year-old theorem that, if violated by experiments, would mean that our universe is based not on the textbook laws of classical physics, but on the less-tangible probabilities of quantum mechanics. [Read more]

Uproar at ‘Biblezine’ Sex Tips for Kids

Parents and teachers have called for an urgent overhaul of religious education in schools after year 6 children were given material claiming girls who wear revealing clothes are inviting sexual assault, and homosexuality, masturbation and sex before marriage are sinful. Students at Torquay College were presented with “Biblezines” as a graduation present at the end of their Christian education program, run by Access Ministries – the government accredited provider of religious instruction in Victorian schools. [Read more]

Classifying All Life on Earth

A Virginia Tech researcher has developed a new way to classify and name organisms based on their genome sequence and in doing so created a universal language that scientists can use to communicate with unprecedented specificity about all life on Earth. [Read more]

bruno-206x300[1]Martyrs for Science

James Hoskins at Christ and Pop Culture has a pretty good piece on the “first martyr of science,” Giordano Bruno. I think Hoskins is right when he suggests that for both Bruno and Galileo, the science was a side issue. And he’s right that we have enshrined them as scientific saints in a way that distorts the actual causes of their deaths. [Read more]

Feeling Simpatico with Your Dog? It May Be Based on Similar Human–Canine Brain Structures

You may snicker when you see dog owners talk to their pets as though they were human or view YouTube videos of dogs supposedly speaking English back to their owners, saying words like “banana” and “I love you.” And with good reason: although dogs have the capacity to understand more than 100 words, studies have demonstrated Fido can’t really speak human languages or comprehend them with the same complexity that we do. Yet researchers have now discovered that dog and human brains process the vocalizations and emotions of others more similarly than previously thought. The findings suggest that although dogs cannot discuss relativity theory with us, they do seem to be wired in a way that helps them to grasp what we feel by attending to the sounds we make. [Read more]

“Christian Nation”, Fred Rich on Atheists Talk

What do people like Sarah Palin mean when they say the U.S. is a “Christian nation”? What would their vision look like if it were made real? Could they ever really succeed in taking control of the country? Author Fred Rich tackles all these questions in his recent book, Christian Nation: A Novel. [Read more]

Are You A Humanist?

The definition of “humanism”, like many “isms”, is hard to pin down. Every self-described humanist has their own idea of what constitutes humanism, and even stronger opinions about what humanism “is not”. What is striking though is that the definitions of humanism seem to stem from whatever the describer’s own interests are. [Read more]

The Value and Art of Blasphemy

There was a time when blasphemy was considered horrible and even prosecutable as a crime. Then, more recently, people seemed to become rather indifferent to it. Now, most recently, it’s become a hot topic again with lots of people insisting that it’s wrong. So how should atheists approach the issue? Is blasphemy something that should be avoided because it’s wrong, something that should be avoided because it shouldn’t mean anything to atheists, or perhaps something to encourage? [Read more]

32% of Atheists & Agnostics Discuss Religion During the Week

Apparently, atheists and agnostics in the United States discuss religion quite a bit during the average week – as often as some Christians, in fact. According to one survey, American atheists and agnostics are about as likely to discuss religion during any given week week as are most Catholics and mainline Christians, though they are far less likely to do so than the average evangelical or born-again Christian. [Read more]

noahs-ark-300x232[1]Do You Know Noah?

I’m kind of curious about the movie version of Noah that’s coming out in March. This is the one directed by Darren Aronofsky, known for Black Swan. I’m curious to see what he does with it. The Biblical version is so very spare. Even the Mesopotamian version in Gilgamesh is more poetic. It’s going to take a lot of work to flesh it out. [Read more]

The One Thing Atheists Should Stop Saying

It’s rare that I so profoundly disagree with Hemant Mehta.  Anybody who reads this blog or listens to the show knows what a high regard I hold the man in; after all, he was my nominee for 2013 Atheist of the Year. But in a recent video post, Hemant offered a list of “9 Things Atheists Should Stop Saying“, and without exception, I disagree with every single one.  While I agree with some of the larger points he was fitting within this framework, he didn’t actually come up with anything I think atheists should stop saying. [Read more]

Former Congressman Tom DeLay Claims God Wrote The Constitution 

It’s not unusual to hear someone claim that America is a Christian nation. But usually the people the long for a more intimate church-state relationship stop at that, claiming that we need to simply get back to the Christian principles they believe the country was founded on. [Read more]