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bju-accountability[1]Keeping Up With the Creationists Issue I, Vol. 4: College Sexual Assault Scandal Edition

I think we like to think that what happens inside of fundamentalist subcultures doesn’t really matter to the wider world. But there are people trapped, suffering, inside, and they need folks to pay attention, raise a fuss, shine a light so that they can achieve some measure of justice, and so that other people never become victims at all. [Read more]

Selective Secularism

An Indian site reports on an interview with Taslima in which she says Indian secularism is too selective. It has video of that part of the interview (which is in English) and a transcript. [Read more]

God says I can tell you to get out of my store

Now Arizona is doing it. [Read more]

Some beliefs are crazier than others

Following the death of Pentecostal preacher and snake handler Jamie Coots, I said that true believers would probably draw the wrong lesson and infer that it was because his faith was insufficient. I was wrong. [Read more]

A living child in the womb

Next trick in the anti-abortion playbook? Ban D&E procedures. South Dakota is working on it. [Read more]

Today in Christian Persecution

Yesterday, Hemant wrote about a student group that came up with a brilliant way to advertise themselves while getting others to think about the flaws of Christian apologetics. They studied up on an apologist who was coming to their school and turned all the bad arguments and logical fallacies into a bingo card, which they then handed out to people entering the talk. It made it easier to focus on the bad arguments instead of their good delivery, and the back of the card provided information on the student group itself. As I said: brilliant. So I tweeted the article. Then this happened. [Read more]

Atheism : New Fundamentalists

I had a lovely and rather weird conversation with the man sat next to me on the plane. He was intrigued by my atheism, mainly because he couldn’t understand how our morality works. When he asked how progress was perverted by Islam, rather than terrorism, I pointed out the damage caused to science and the adherence of Islamic Principle and the applied theology that has crippled many an Inquisitive Muslim. [Read more]

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Creationist educators respond to criticism

CEE hits back! Earlier this month New Statesman published my article “Creationism and the ‘conspiracy’ of evolution: inside the UK’s evangelical schools“. Last week I received this email from Dr Greg Hibbins, general manager of Christian Education Europe (Accelerated Christian Education’s UK distributor) [Read more]