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New Survey: 50% of Americans Find Atheism ‘Threatening’

The Bertelsmann Stiftung is a German non-profit that researches, publishes, and “stimulates debate” on a variety of societal issues. They just released the results of their 2013 Religion Monitor in which they analyzed responses to a 100-question survey regarding religion/politics completed by 14,000 individuals in 13 countries. [Read more]

Evolution-3[1]Why evolution by natural selection and belief in god are incompatible

There were several commenters who disagreed with my assertion in an earlier post that belief in both god and evolution by natural selection are incompatible and forces one to choose one or the other. They pointed out that there were large numbers of people who believed in both god and evolution or that the tremendous suffering that occurs in nature was incompatible with only a loving omnipotent god or that I was being parochial and equating all religious people with the young Earth Christians in the US. [Read more]

Church of England rejects blessings for gay marriages

London (AFP) – Bishops in the Church of England issued new guidance on Saturday warning clergy they should not bless couples in same-sex marriages, after the idea was recommended in an internal report last year. The House of Bishops was clarifying the Church’s response to new legislation allowing gay marriage in England and Wales, which will see the first ceremonies take place in March. [Read more]

Christians Are a Cause of LGBT Oppression So We Have to Be a Part of the Liberation!

mob in Nigeria dragged men from their homes on Saturday and beat them with sticks and iron bars. These men were perceived to be homosexual, so instead of protecting them against the attack, the police took part and punched and kicked four of them. The violence comes in the wake of a new law signed last month that criminalizes homosexual unions, organizations and displays of affection between people of the same gender. [Read more]

Why I watched a snake-handling pastor die for his faith

This is what I saw through my camera lens: Pastor Randy “Mack” Wolford, tossing and turning on the couch in his mother-in-law’s West Virginia trailer, suffering from the pain of a rattlesnake bite he had received earlier in the day. Parishioners surrounding him in prayer in the stifling heat. His mother stroking his feet, her expression a mixture of concern, sorrow and, eventually, acceptance: This is how her eldest son — a legend in the local Pentecostal serpent-handling community — would die. [Read more]

Gay-marriage foes scrambling after court setbacks

JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri — Opponents of same-sex marriage are scrambling to find effective responses, in Congress and state legislatures, to a rash of court rulings that would force some of America’s most conservative states to accept gay nuptials. [Read more]

Seminary buys robot to study the ethics of technology

(RNS) Seminaries have a reputation for being late adapters when it comes to modern technology. Southern Evangelical Seminary & Bible College in Matthews, N.C., wants to change that. On Friday (Feb. 14) it introduced a humanoid NAO robot (pronounced ‘now’). The 22-year-old Christian apologetics school claims it’s the first in the world to use a robot to study the ethics of emerging technologies. [Read more]

A Conflict of Faith: Devoted to Jewish Observance, but at Odds With Israel

There is no question that Charles H. Manekin is a rarity. Not because he is an Orthodox Jew who keeps the Sabbath, refraining from driving, turning on lights, even riding in elevators on Saturdays. Rather, this philosophy professor at the University of Maryland is rare because he believes that his Orthodox faith calls him to take stands against Israel. [Read more]

Watch Creationists Talking About Creationism