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They almost pulled me in. Or, my life as a temporary Christian


I grew up in a non-Christian household, thank goodness. However, in my early school years (K-6), I was given the opportunity to go to private school. It happened to be Episcopal. Since no one on my mother’s side of the family had a religious bone in their body, I can only assume I went there because it was a good school and no one thought it would do me any harm. [Read more]


Is it possible to become so absorbed in an idea that it is impossible to be persuaded otherwise? At what point does a human mind become so fixed that it ceases to think independently? If so, is it ever possible to wake up? [Read more]

I wish I could let this go…

I have never posted on this site, but I have been a fan for over 5 years… since I lost my faith. I know that the bible is not true, and I do not believe in a god. [Read more]

— And Some News & Views —

Church steps up in case urging IRS to monitor pastors

A church has received permission to have a voice in case where an atheist group is trying to take the IRS to court. Attorney Daniel Blomberg of the Becket Fund explains the lawsuit. [Read more]

Veil Stereotypes: Constructing and Distorting Muslim Women

She’s wrapped in black from head to toe — and at this angle, it looks like she can barely see through the veil covering her face as she holds tightly to her child. Media love the image of the anonymous Muslim woman. [Read more]

The Nudist Church: No Fig Leaves For This Congregation
At the church that’s situated in the White Tail Nudist Resort in Virginia, you can come just as God made you before He gave you underpants. For the record: I have no problem whatsoever with what these people do, and I imagine that, compared to the rest of us, they view each other’s bodies, and their own, in a much less anxious and judgmental way. [Read more]

New TV Show Seeking Individuals Examining Their Religious Roots

Have you lived your entire life devoted to your spiritual beliefs? Do you constantly find yourself following along with your religious order but are now questioning your path in life? Whether you’re a devout believer or newfound skeptic, if you you’re examining your religious roots then we want to hear from you. [Read more]



It was finals time in my first semester of my freshman year at college. As I left for the first of many, I said to my roommate, “Wish me luck!” She answered with, “I’m gonna do more than that. I’m gonna pray for you.” Agnostic though I am, it made me feel good. Why is that, I wondered? Prayer didn’t mean much to me — it would never have occurred to me to tell someone I was praying for them. But it meant something to her. It was extra. It was beyond wishing. And she was going to do it on my behalf. I appreciated the gesture and even drew a little comfort from it. [Read more]

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