Friday Atheist and Religion Report, Part 2


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Secular Societies Fare Better Than Religious Societies

According to this multivariate analysis which takes into account a plethora of indicators of societal well-being, those states in America with the worst quality of life tend to be among the most God-loving/most religious. [Read more]

Smut in Jesusland: Why Red-State Conservatives Are the Biggest Porn Hounds

screen_shot_2014-10-16_at_3.00.17_pm[1]Red-state conservatives may insist that the rest of us should keep aspirin between our knees and be forced to bear Divine Justice Babies if we don’t. [Read more]

Rational Atheism, the New Irrational Atheism

The thing is that most nonbelievers don’t posit, for example, that a really big white sky daddy created us and is here to allow us to torture each other to be able to go to a world we think is better. [Read more]

Atheist Rehab Care

hazle[1]Family, farm-work, reunion weekends are an all embracing aspect of living here. Requires several days of prep and then recovery. It’s nice to see Barry A Hazle Jr win a couple million for refusing to join faith-based rehab programs. [Read more]

Shasta County Atheist Wins $2 Million Settlement Over Religious Drug-Treatment Program

The California government and a nonprofit contractor for parolee drug treatment will pay a Shasta County atheist nearly $2 million for violating his civil rights when he was sent back to prison for taking issue with the program’s religious nature while on parole. [Read more]

Secular Solstice and the Importance of Ritual

I think people leave or avoid religion for a number of different overlapping reasons. Some just don’t believe in god. Others don’t believe in god, and also resent the communal aspects of religion. [Read more]

Secular Conference Created a Sense of Imminent and Momentous Change – And Women Will Be the Driving Force

350x[3]Last weekend’s conference organised in London by Maryam Namazie and her colleagues wasn’t like any other conference on secularism I’ve ever been to. [Read more]

Not All Who “Lack Belief in Gods” Are Atheists

A lot of atheists say that atheism means simply a “lack of beliefs in gods” and that rather than either “disbelieve in gods” or affirm that no gods exist they rather just lack a belief in God. [Read more]

Madison County School Board: Bible Verses on Football Field Monument Have to Go

school_monument11[1]The use of the overtly Christian references and Biblical citations drew protests from two groups, the Freedom from Religion Foundation and the American Humanist Association, both of which warned the Madison school board the monument violated the law and could provoke a legal challenge. [Read more]

Florida Officials Cannot Ban Satanic Temple’s State Capitol Holiday Display

Policy Violates Free Speech And Church-State Separation, Watchdog Group Asserts. [Read more]

Police: Man Punched West Ashley Restaurant Worker During Religion Argument

A 37-year-old man was arrested Monday on charges that he punched someone as they argued about religion and drank after closing time at a West Ashley restaurant, according to an incident report. [Read more]

National Religious Right Legal Firm Gets Involved in MSHSL’s Trans-Inclusive Proposal

adf_logo[1]The Alliance Defending Freedom, a well-funded religious right legal outfit, has inserted itself into the debate over a transgender-inclusive athletics policy being considered by the Minnesota State High School League. [Read more]

Centre for Intelligent Design Launches Naked Creationist Attack on SecScot Petition

Predictably, the C4ID submission [2] attempts to disguise the fact that “Intelligent Design” is nothing more than a blend of creationism and obfuscation. [Read more]

Anti-Religious Policy Change a Great Decision

To compel a person to swear an oath to a deity in which he does not believe is morally repugnant. Furthermore, it is totally meaningless for an atheist to swear to an entity he believes is imaginary. [Read more]

NUS Refuses to Condemn ISIS Terrorists…Because It’s ‘Islamophobic’

Malia-Bouattia-2-540x337[1]Murderous ISIS militants secured a victory on British soil – when the National Union of Students voted against a motion to condemn them. [Read more]

If Only People Were Less Superstitious

While there are many great Atheist writers out there, few captured life’s absurdities quite so well as Kurt Vonnegut. [Read more]

Why I’d Still Believe In God Even if the Bible was a Fairytale

UniverseWhile I don’t believe in organized religion, I do believe in God, and I do have faith in the narrative of Jesus, but I can openly accept the irrationality of it and how it is a matter of faith, not facts or rationality, that cause me to believe it. [Read more]

Atheist Group: Rankin School Aided Bible Giveaway

An atheist group says it objects to a Mississippi principal telling fifth-grade teachers to take students through a public school lobby where Gideons were handing out Bibles. [Read more]

This is Your Brain on Dreams, with Michio Kaku

Theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and all around cool guy Michio Kakureturns to Big Think to discuss the science of dreaming, as well as everything Freud got right about our subconscious. [Watch Video]

Friday Atheist and Religion Report


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Why This Atheist is Going to Seminary

8507775051_7ac005964d_o[1]For more than two years, I’ve hunted earnestly to find a secular or Humanist community that mirrored my involvement at a Catholic Church. And, as much as I regret to admit, nothing in the non-religious world comes close. [Read more]

If You’re an Atheist, What Exactly Do You Believe (Or Not Believe)?

In textbook terms, the description “atheist” falls under the larger umbrella of a “nontheist” – that is, a person who does not believe in a higher power, supreme being or supernatural entities. [Read more]

Former Fundamentalist Exposes the Christian Right’s Bizarre PR Sham

christian[1]You can’t threaten, vilify or bully someone into liking you. In simpler times, stories of persecution and Christian supremacy were delivered in sermons and badly written books, but a recent batch of films has hit theaters. [Read more]

Group Pursues ‘In God We Trust’ W.Va. Plate

A Randolph County nonprofit can begin accepting applications for a specialty license plate bearing the phrase “In God we trust.” [Read more]

Mark Driscoll Resigns from Mars Hill Church

PMD-1st-John-1-427x285[1]The divisive Seattle pastor had announced his plan to step aside for at least six weeks in August while his church investigated the charges against him. Driscoll’s resignation came shortly after the church concluded its investigation. [Read more]

Young Cancer Patient Who Used Faith-Based Treatment Instead of Life-Saving Chemotherapy Has Suffered a Relapse

Makayla no longer wanted to continue the chemo and her Ojibwe/First Nations parents were more than happy to oblige, seeking out useless faith-based treatments instead. [Read more]

It’s All Out Of Love – Murder for God

man-hitting-woman[1]Read the bible and count the number of murders committed by god. A guy by the name of Steve Wells did just that. His book “Drunk With Blood – God’s killings in the Bible” is a great read, and clearly lays out the murderous rampage of the christian’s “loving” deity. [Read more]

Influential Right-Wing Anti-Porn Rabbi Arrested for Voyeurism

Barry Freundel is far from the first self-righteous religious conservative to be outed as a hypocrite. [Read more]

Despite Efforts, the IRS Can’t 
Provide Freedom from Religion

w300-9bc79d589f21777a6785d6c0b5efa09e[1]The IRS was caught red-handed last year trying to obstruct anti-abortion groups, tea party organizations and others – mostly conservatives – who wanted to communicate and influence policy. [Read more]

Young U.S. Catholics Overwhelmingly Accepting of Homosexuality

The Roman Catholic Church signaled a more accepting stance toward gay people in a report bishops released during the Vatican’s synod on the family this week. [Read more]

Religion Continues to Cause Disruption in ‘Trojan Horse’ Schools

350x[1]A school placed in special measures following the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ affair has received 100 letters from parents requesting that their children be withdrawn from collective worship, it has emerged. [Read more]

Taking Witchcraft and Possessions Seriously with Philip Almond

If a physician’s first pledge is to “do no harm,” then the scholar of religion must vow to “take religion seriously.” [Read more]

Houston Demands Sermons of Pastors Who Opposed Pro-Gay Discrimination Law

3f134e483f19e8f242b6b724401e5adc_M[1]The City of Houston, led by openly homosexual mayor Annise Parker, has subpoenaed the sermons and other communications of area pastors who opposed a pro-homosexual “non-discrimination” city ordinance passed this summer, and who have led a campaign for its repeal. [Read more]

How Seeing the Internet as Reality Fuels Murderous ISIL Success and Recruitment

Ever since the Pentagon started talking about Isis as apocalyptic, I’ve suspected that websites and blogs and YouTube are taking over from reality. [Read more]

Female British Muslims as Vulnerable to Radicalisation as Men, Study Shows

Mosque roofResearch into early stages of process follows reports of girls and women travelling to Syria to join Isis fighters and have children. [Read more]

Nigeria’s ‘Megachurches': A Hidden Pillar of Africa’s Top Economy

Hundreds of millions of dollars change hands each year in these popular Pentecostal houses of worship, which are modeled on their counterparts in the United States. [Read more]

Churches to Begin Global Talks on Thorny Topic of ‘Mission and Proselytism’

global-christian-forum-meeting-participants[1]A plan for global talks on one of Christianity’s most enduring and complex issues – that of ‘mission and proselytism’ – was set in motion at a Global Christian Forum-convened meeting in Strasbourg, France, recently. [Read more]

Middle Easterners See Religious and Ethnic Hatred as Top Global Threat

With growing conflicts engulfing the Middle East, people in the region name religious and ethnic hatred most frequently as the greatest threat to the world. [Read more]

Where Did the First Light in the Universe Come From? Hubble Discovery Reveals Clues

1010-hubble-galaxy-universe_full_600[1]A compact galaxy some 3 billion light-years away is shedding light, shedding light on how stars formed during when our universe was young. [Read more]

Scientists Find That Life After Death May Be Real

After spending four years studying more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at 15 hospitals in the Britain, the United States and Austria, researchers found that a person may have some level of awareness even after death. [Read more]

Science and Faith Have Exchanged Places But God is Not Dead Among the Philosophers

Kansas Daily LifeGary Gutting has spent the course of this year picking the brains of philosophers about religion and non-belief. Gutting is himself a philosopher and a Catholic who does not see the two as incompatible. [Read more]

Luke’s Genealogy Compared with Matthew and the Old Testament

The genealogy in the Gospel of Luke goes all the way back to Adam and is almost twice as long as Matthew’s, listing 77 generations. Luke’s view of Jesus, purpose for writing, and access to manuscripts were quite different. [Read more]

Bryan Fischer: Theocratic Creationist

vomit[1]Creationism rarely exists as a stand-alone issue in the brains of its followers. There’s almost always a vast collection of craziness swirling around in the minds of such people. [Read more]

HSLDA on Old School House Cover-Up: We’re Not “the Police Force of the Homeschooling Movement”

Nearly a week after allegations about a widespread cover-up of physical and sexual child abuse in the Christian homeschooling community were disclosed, the Home School Legal Defense Association has issued a statement on their involvement. [Read more]

Monday Religion and Atheist Digest


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Celebrity Atheists: List of Stars Who Deny Religion and God’s Existence

Celebrity-Atheists-List-of-Stars-Who-Deny-Religion-and-Gods-Existence-650x487[1]Despite the fact that atheism is usually a huge taboo subject for mainstream media and general dinner-table talks, it recently became quite a comfortable stance for people as a way of life. [Read more]

Conference to Focus on Why Black Atheism Differs from White Atheism

Organizers of the conference called Moving Social Justice say that it’s about time the concerns of black atheists are recognized. [Read more]

Letter: Don’t Let Religion Overtake Government

-firstbaptistchurch7.jpg20130322[1]It’s easy to identify modern day examples of nations having government imposed religious practices — Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Israel come to mind. Be careful what you wish for! [Read more]

The Problem I Have With Religion: Going Beyond Bill Maher

For a while now, I’ve wondered about the violence we don’t tend to talk about — for example, what I see as a futuristic kind of genocide embraced in the fundamentalist Christian belief that anyone who does not accept Jesus as their savior will go to Hell. [Read more]

5 Right-Wing Outrages This Week: Biblically Correct Sex Edition

phil[1]Boy are some Christians having “biblically correct” sex going to be pissed if they come down with an STD. “Duck Dynasty” patriarch, Phil Robertson, told them this would not happen. [Read more]

Shocker: Leading Atheist Richard Dawkins Finally Admits That Religion ISN’T the Problem in the Mideast

In a recent interview with Russia Today, the evolutionary biologist and noted atheist was questioned about the Islamic religion and its ties to ISIS and just how much responsibility it bears in the brutal beheadings carried out by the terrorist group. [Read more]

8 Black Celebrities Who Don’t Believe In Jesus

Samuel_L_Jackson-600x900[1]Religion is something that is deeply ingrained into black culture. Most black people—especially entertainers, come from a Christian background. This is evident at every award show. [Read more]

Atheists Don’t Owe Social Justice a Damn Thing

No. I don’t believe this. I am quite involved in social justice and am a very hands on person with regards to that, but this piece piqued my “interest”. Long story short? Battle Lines were drawn up between two groups of people. [Read more]

Atheist Sam Harris Slams Ben Affleck Over Islam Debate, Defends Rosamund Pike’s ‘Gone Girl’ Leading Man From Critics

ben-affleck[1]After a heated debate on Islam views on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” atheist Sam Harris took to his blog to explain why he thinks “Gone Girl” star Ben Affleck actually proved his point on Islam. [Read more]

Where’s the Line Between Religion and Radicalism?

A conversation about radical Islam and America. [Watch video]

CBS Rejects Ad By Militant Atheist Group

FFRF had asked for the ad to be run on 60 Minutes. CBS declined to run it at all. This, after all, is one of the most dishonest television networks in an ecosystem where dishonesty in the norm. [Read more]

Salman Rushdie Condemns ‘Hate-Filled Rhetoric’ of Islamic Fanaticism

cm06_salman_rushdie.JPG  Telegraph Hay FestivalSalman Rushdie says all religions have their extremists but “the overwhelming weight of the problem lies in the world of Islam.” [Read more]

KFC Refusal of Handwipes to Avoid Offending Muslims Upsets UK Customer

A KFC customer was shocked when he was refused a handwipe by the staff of the halal-only branch of KFC in St. George’s retail park, Leicester, U.K. [Read more]

Iranian Atheist Begs: ‘Don’t Send Me Back Home … I’ll Be Killed’

25578928[1]The nephew of a former Iranian deputy defence minister who has become a prominent and outspoken atheist in Scotland has made a desperate appeal not to be returned to his homeland, claiming his life is now at risk as he will be seen as a “traitor of Islam”. [Read more]

The Neglected Religions of Des Moines

Today, one of the tallest religious statues in the state will be dedicated here in Des Moines. It’s not of Jesus or Mary or Moses. It’s the Vietnamese Buddhist bodhisattva of compassion, Quan m. [Read more]

Jim Wallis on Ferguson: Repentance Has Not Happened There Yet

RNS-EVANGEL-IMMIGRATIONIn the following Q&A — edited for clarity and length — Wallis talks about how faith plays a role in his decision to come to St. Louis and how his past involvement in the civil rights era compares to today. [Read more]

Televangelist Lost All to Mining, Plagued by Investors’ Complaints

Former Canadian televangelist Len Lindstrom is facing the toughest challenge of his life after losing everything to his mining business. “I am absolutely flat busted,” Lindstrom told CBC’s iTeam. [Read more]

Pastor’s Wife Tried To Kill Daughters After Getting ‘End of the World’ Messages from Estranged Husband

mmurder-wir-100914_0[1]A Montgomery, Illinois, woman who attempted to kill her three daughters told police that she wanted them to “meet Jesus Christ,” after receiving messages from her estranged pastor husband telling her the world was coming to an end. [Read more]

Religion’s Influence Waning, Study Says

Does it really matter if religion is not the focal point of a person’s life, or if they look to themselves first to find solutions, rather than God or the church? [Read more]

Helping Converts Learn the Rites of a New Religion

bgm10112014stverfaith[1]Members of other Christian denominations, Jews, Hindus, Mormons and even an atheist have successfully completed the program and become practicing Catholics. Anyone is welcome regardless of religious background, [Mary] Murphy said. [Read more]

Nick Strobel: Religion and Science Complement One Another

More than 100 people attended the panel, with speakers from Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and the Bay Area addressing “Are Religion and Science Compatible?” [Read more]

Schools Set Up Community Nights to Allow Churches, Nonprofit Groups to Distribute Material

5439b6eda9d5a.image[1]Though its members honor “the divine feminine,” Mother Grove Goddess Temple set up to share information in the Reynolds High cafeteria like any other mainline religious group. [Read more]

Supreme Court Says Firing Of Ohio Creationist Science Teacher ‘Justified’

The United States Supreme Court rejected Monday the appeal of Ohio science teacher John Freshwater, who was fired three years ago for teaching creationism. [Read more]

Ohio Community Defies Atheist Group’s Threat With Public Prayer at High School Football Game

licking-valley-high-school[1]An Ohio community sent a message to the atheist advocacy group Freedom From Religion Foundation Friday night as community members made it known ahead of time that they would hold a large public prayer following the completion of the local public high school football game. [Read more]

Some Mormons Pushing Church on Gay Marriage

Court decisions this week paving the way for same-sex marriage to become legal in dozens of states have emboldened a growing group of Latter-day Saints who are pushing the conservative church to become more accepting of gay members. [Read more]

World Council of Churches Head Meets Russian Patriarch Kirill in Moscow

vladimir-putin-patriarch-of-moscow-kirill[1]Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, World Council of Churches general secretary, has met Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow to discuss churches and peacemaking challenges. [Read more]

Irrational Atheism

Not believing in God isn’t always based on reasoned arguments—and that’s okay. [Read more]

Are You There, Nobody? It’s Me, Margaret

1413157153510.cached[1]New children’s book is a gentle introduction that there is no dog but dog. For nearly two thousand years, religious groups have held a monopoly on how to teach morals to young children. [Read more]

The Kink in the Human Brain–How Are Humans OK with Destroying the Planet?

If the news that in the past 40 years the world has  lost over 50% its vertebrate wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish) fails to tell us that there is something wrong with the way we live, it’s hard to imagine what could. [Read more]

Pat Robertson Has Annual Halloween Freakout

It’s October, so it’s time for Pat Robertson to tell his ignorant and credulous followers that if they let their kids trick or treat on Halloween, they’re going to come home possessed by demons.

[Read more]

Sunday Religion and Agnostic Report


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Congressman Barney Frank’s Deep Dark Secret That Was Buried for Years

300x206xBarney_Frank_-_Openly_Secular_-_YouTube-300x206.jpg.pagespeed.ic.jV9_ETzm5O[1]Congressman Barney Frank had a deep dark secret that he kept hidden for rather a long time, if it had been revealed then his career might have been destroyed. [Read more] [Video]

Skepticism and the Foundations of Reasonable Beliefs

The foundation for modern, critical skepticism can probably be expressed most simply as: the absence of good reasons for believing a proposition is itself good reason to disbelieve it, at least in the passive sense and possibly in the active sense. [Read more]

Atheist Coalition Wants You to Know They Are ‘Openly Secular’

A new coalition of atheists, humanists and other nonreligious groups is taking a page from the gay rights movement and encouraging people to admit they are “openly secular.” [Read more]

‘Ben Affleck Proved My Point On Islam,’ Atheist Sam Harris States

Ben-Affleck-Taken-To-Task-By-Atheist-Sam-Harris-665x385[1]Ben Affleck may have won over fans with his casting as Batman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel, but he hasn’t won the debate over Islam, at least not to atheist Sam Harris. [Read more]

Should Atheists Distribute Freethought, Atheist Tracts?

Tracts are so common and have spread so far that people tend to overlook them and forget they are there. This is unfortunate because I believe that it causes atheists to also overlook the impact atheist tracts might have. [Read more]

Atheists Want Painting That Suggests ‘Real American Children Pray’ Removed From School’s Office But District Refuses

donald-zolan[1]The Freedom From Religion Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin, is now lobbying an Oklahoma School District to remove a painting by artist Donald Zolan because it suggests that “real American children pray.” [Read more]

Atheism Included in the Meaning of ‘Creed’ Under the Code

The prohibition on discrimination because of creed had to be interpreted in a liberal and purposive manner, and this encapsulated discrimination because the person was atheist. Moreover, international human rights law included protections for atheism as part of freedom of religion. [Read more]

‘Loving Christians’ Threaten Atheist Family in Louisiana

Captura_creepy_message[1]While the majority of religious people don’t threaten atheists, there are a few who do. When this happens, it can be a worrisome and scary problem for those of us who are non-believers. [Read more]

Alabama Church Says Pastor Confessed He Has AIDS, Slept With Flock

An Alabama pastor shocked his flock by reportedly confessing from the pulpit that he has AIDS, had slept with church members, used drugs and misused funds. [Read more]

Hardin Jefferson ISD Accused of More Religious Violations

5079958_G[1]The organization that went after the Hawks for Christ group for its prayers at China Elementary and filed a complaint against the Kountze cheerleaders for Bible-based banners, is now accusing Hardin- Jefferson schools of more constitutional violations. [Read more]

Syria, Secularism, and U.S. Policy

In a groundbreaking article, one of our more respected experts on Middle East affairs has proposed that our policy should pivot to outright cooperation with Assad’s regime in Syria, the better to campaign more effectively against our mutual enemy, the Islamic State, or ISIS. [Read more]

Leading Vatican Cardinal Says Catholic Church Will Never Bless Gay Marriage

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A leading Vatican cardinal said on Thursday the Roman Catholic Church will never bless gay marriage, wading into a controversy over the issue in Italy and other countries. [Read more]

Church Officials Struggle to Assist Those with Mental Illness

Many clergy lack necessary resources, training, but there are efforts to educate. [Read more]

How 2 French Girls Were Lured to Jihad Online

460x[1]On the day she left for Syria, Sahra strode along the train platform with two bulky schoolbags slung over her shoulder. In a grainy image caught on security camera, the French teen tucks her hair into a headscarf. [Read more]

With Its Pick, Nobel Committee Draws Renewed Attention to India-Pakistan Conflict

The richly symbolic selection brings together individuals who took very different paths to the award, but who hold much in common in their outspoken advocacy for the rights of children. [Read more]

5 Reasons Kansas’ Conservative Christian GOP Senator Pat Roberts Might Get Thrown Out

screen_shot_2014-10-10_at_12.17.48_pm[1]Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts is in a whole lot of trouble. Yes, you read that right – the notoriously conservative state of Kansas may throw out its senior Republican Senator who has served in the upper chamber since 1997. [Read more]

School Officials: Bible Classes Will Resume During Evaluation

Bible instruction in the Rowan-Salisbury School System after a national group wrote them a letter asking them to immediately stop the classes. [Read more]

Fables and Parables

350px-The_Ant_and_the_Grasshopper_-_Project_Gutenberg_etext_19994[1]Let us consider those parables strictly in their own words, and if they hold up as well as Aesop’s fables as practical moral lessons. [Read more]

Totalitarian Religion and Violence

Why are so many religions often associated with totalitarian impulses – a tendency to force themselves on non-adherents as if no other beliefs were legitimate? [Read more]

Christian ‘Life Coaches’ Caught On Tape Beating Teen For ‘Talking To A Girl’

In the unsettling video below, three life coaches and program director at Abundant Life Academy are seen tackling the 14-year-old boy and violently restraining him. When he escapes and attempts to run, the four adults catch and assault him again.

[Read more]

Friday Religion and Free Thought Report


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Secularist Conference to Discuss Rise of Religious Right

Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins and AC Grayling among participants in London conference at which Isis will be key talking point. [Read more]

Religion Has a Role, Just Not in Government

I’m going to pull a Republican rhetorical move and state I am not a Constitutional scholar. Recently, though, I wonder if Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is either. [Read more]

‘YOLO’ is an Atheist Conspiracy, Claimed ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cousin Running for Congress

yolo-is-an-atheist-conspiracy-claimed-louisiana-congressional-candidate-e1412783999959[1]Meet Zach Dasher! He is currently running for Congress in Louisiana, as a Republican, against another Republican–the infamous “Kissing Congressman,” Rep. Vance McCallister. [Read more]

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Inmates Have Religious Right to Grow Beards

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Holt v. Hobbs, a case that will test the limits of religious liberty for prison inmates. [Read more]

Islam Isn’t a Race, and So What?

Screen-Shot-2014-10-08-at-11.29.58-AM[1]Certain views on Islam can be bigoted, and in fact resemble many other forms of bigotry. What seems most controversial, though, is the suggestion that islamophobic views might be racist. [Read more]

Resisting Conformity at the Margins of Marginal Christianity

Despite a growing number of ethnographies of individual emerging church congregations, as well as critical overviews of the emerging church conversation as an identifiable form of religious discourse, many scholars of religion have either never heard of the ECM or claim. [Read more]

Translating Jesus [My Deconversion]

witnessing[1]The church leader needed to make up the numbers and was in full force selling Jesus. As I listened it just started to get more and more absurd. This is my “Translation” of a conversation made to a new ambitious young recruit that changed my life forever. [Read more]

Christians Urge India’s Prime Minister to Halt Torment in Madhya Pradesh

Speaking to AsiaNews, the president of the Global Council of Indian Christians expressed alarm over reports involving authorities’ apparent lack of control over Hindu majority extremists who have attacked Christians in the state. [Read more]

Judges’ Religious Service Criticised by Secular Lawyers

350x[1]Secular lawyers have called for a separation of the Church of England from judicial affairs after judges marked the start of the legal year with an Anglican service. [Read more]

Ten Quick Responses to Atheist Claims

You don’t have to read hundreds of books before you can discuss your faith with an atheist. Sometimes claims and questions that are just short soundbites can be answered just as quickly. [Read more]

Does Evolutionary Theory Need a Rethink?

Evol1[1]Mainstream evolutionary theory has come to focus almost exclusively on genetic inheritance and processes that change gene frequencies. [Read more]

Leaked Memo Highlights New Axis of Pseudoscience Between Dr. Oz and Consumer Reports?

For those concerned about Consumer Reports steady slide into promoting pseudoscience, a visit to CR headquarters by celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz should be cause for alarm. [Read more]

Nigerian ‘Pastor’ Says He Robbed to Build Church

guarded-church-in-nigeria[1]Nigerian police have arrested a man who says he is a pastor from Lagos and two other men in a gang for hijacking a 25-foot (8 meter) container carrying 25 units of heavy duty outdoor split type air conditioners worth over $152,000. [Read more]

Indiana Trooper Pulled Over Woman to Ask if She’d Accepted Jesus Christ as Her Savior: Lawsuit

An Indiana woman says a state trooper pulled her over this summer and asked if she had accepted Jesus Christ as her personal lord and savior. [Read more]

Call to Secularise NHS Chaplaincy Services

350x[1]Secularists have criticised new draft NHS England chaplaincy guidelines for failing to adequately recognise the needs of patients who do not identify with a religious faith. [Read more]

5 Reasons Young People Are Indifferent or Outright Antagonistic Toward Religion

Millennials are less religiously active than almost any other living generation. According to a recent Pew Research Center report, nearly 30% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 33 say they are not affiliated with any religion. [Read more]

Woman Rejected For Tour Guide Position, Christian Beliefs Ridiculed

bethanypaquette_featured[1]Bethany Paquette is a proud graduate of Trinity Western University, a Christian college in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. [Read more]

Austrian School Drops Yoga on Religious Grounds

Yoga teacher Ingrid Karner says she was told to stop classes at the school in the southeastern village of Dechantskirchen after a complaint “that it’s not allowed, according to the Bible.” [Read more]

Vox on Islamophobia: It’s Not Just Maher

Max Fisher at Vox has a long and refreshing look at Islamophobia in the media. He lays out the fundamental problem. [Read more]

Christian Pastor Offers Atheists $100,000 to Prove God Doesn’t Exist, Atheist Proves Pastor is Dumb

Evangelical pastor and Internet celebrity Joshua Feuerstein lives in a bubble. It’s a bubble so encapsulating, he can’t see how ridiculous he looks challenging his ideological opponents to prove a negative.

[Read more]

Who is Carrie Underwood and Why Do I Get Hate Mail from Her Fans?

Musical talent generally has never been associated as a gift from the Judeo-Christian god. In general, the trope in western culture is that an unearthly skill in music is the purview of the devil.

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Seminaries Awarded $1.5 Million to Include Science in Coursework

Responding to a real or perceived gap between science and faith, 10 U.S. seminaries will receive a combined $1.5 million in grants to include science in their curricula, the American Association for the Advancement of Science announced Wednesday (Oct. 8).

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