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Hello friendly, secular readers!

Just a quick note to let you know that there are over 600 documents, books, pamphlets and booklets available for the access price of $9.95 (via Paypal). Many of these books cost over $10 each for the PDF file on their own, but we’re giving you access to all 600-700 for less than ten dollars!

Follow this link to gain access to books on topics ranging from atheist to religious, secular to spiritual, segregation to abolition, Christian to Muslim, science to metaphysics, Scientology to witchcraft, secret societies to conspiracy theories, and more.

Enjoy! Stay educated.

Steve, Editor

End-of-the-Week Religion and Atheism News and Commentary 10/24, Part 2


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#AtheistVoter Campaign to Politicians: We Are Abundant, Passionate Voters

voting[1]The New Jersey-based American Atheists launched the #AtheistVoter campaign on Tuesday as the midterm congressional elections draw near. David Silverman, president of American Atheists, told The Christian Post that the campaign was created to refute the claim that the atheist community is “small or insignificant.” [Read more]

Into the Fold of Humanism

I think the Reason Rally embodied that reasonable approach to forming a political movement or a government based on reason instead of sloganism, or hatred, or exclusion, or all the division that we’re so used to seeing now. [Read more]

Ariana Grande Reveals Love For Gay Brother Frankie Made Her Question Catholic Faith

marriage_map_100614[1]As more and more states decide that bans on gay marriage aren’t acceptable, Ariana Grande took her own stand recently — questioning her Catholic faith and choosing to stand by her brother Frankie, who is gay. [Read more]

Bishops More Welcoming yo LGBT, But Not to Women

The surprisingly conciliatory tone regarding gay Catholics in the working document for the family synod released yesterday is being described by some as an “earthquake” and“revolutionary.” [Read more]

Pastor’s ‘If I Have Gay Children’ Blog Stirs US Debate

photograph-of-pastor-john-pavlovitz[1]More than 1.5 million people have read the website of Pastor John Pavlovitz who wrote the blog titled “If I Have Gay Children” where he outlined his thoughts on the possibility of having gay children. [Read more]

Thank God for Mystery Fiction: Religion and the Rise of the Detective Story

There were no organized law enforcement systems until the formation of the Surete in Paris (1811), created by Eugene Francois Vidocq who was, incredibly enough, a notorious criminal. [Read more]

Alex Kane on the Richard Dawkins Documentary

4133021632[1]In the world of evangelical atheism, Dawkins and Krauss are gods. The sort of gods who look down on those who have other beliefs: the sort of gods who are never allowed to be seen losing an argument or debating with anyone who might, just might, be their equal. [Read more]

Overlooked and Dismissed During the Synod, How Single Parents Continue to be Regarded in the Church…

Well, the Extraordinary Synod for the Family, has ended, and not surprisingly single parents have gotten the same sort of polite inattention from the Catholic bishops that we are used to getting in the pews. [Read more]

Michigan Gay Rights Push Prompts Protest from Religious Group Outside State Capitol

16145792-mmmain[1]Roughly 150 religious leaders and activists gathered outside the Michigan Capitol on Wednesday to protest a potential gay rights amendment to the state’s anti-discrimination law. [Read more]

“Celebrate Same-Sex Wedding or Go to Jail”

For years, those in favor of same-sex marriage have argued that all Americans should be free to live as they choose. [Read more]

Fox News Host to Atheists: Accept the ‘Culture’ of Jesus in Schools When You Come to the South

fox_ff_religion_school_141022a-800x430[1]Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt on Wednesday lashed out at atheists who had asked that Christian plaques be removed from public schools in Texas, saying that they “need to understand the culture” in the South. [Read more]

Georgia Chamber Draws a Line in Sand Over ‘Religious Liberty’ Bills

Last week, in the far-away Vatican, a gathering of Catholic bishops very nearly declared a truce in the war against gay marriage. At the last minute, they balked. [Read more]

American Schools Are Training Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist

Gemini Chair-Neri OxmanAre Americans getting dumber? Our math skills are falling. Our reading skills are weakening. Our children have become less literate than children in many developed countries. [Read more]

The Catholic Clash: How Social Issues Divide Clergy and Congregants

The Synod of Bishops is still huddled together in Rome discussing the Catholic Church’s stance on topics such as pre-martial sex, divorce, and same-sex marriage, but a “working paper” of their conversations has already caused somewhat of a media frenzy. [Read more]

Repressive, Atheist North Korea Has a Surprising Relationship with Christian Missionaries

RTXYBP1_0[1]The North Korean government does not take kindly to Christian missionary activities. Just ask American Jeffrey Fowle. [Read more]

Brazilian Presidential Candidates Downplay Religious and Social Issues

Incumbent Dilma Rousseff and challenger Aécio Neves shy from controversy, after a third candidate’s campaign collapsed following a flip-flop on same-sex ‘marriage.’ [Read more]

Halloween Night and Happy Anniversary to Me

trappist-leaving[1]It was on Halloween night 60 years ago that I was evicted from the Trappist monastery. It was just before Compline, the last church service of the day. Everyone filed into the church. [Read more]

Alone In Her Presence: Halloween – Inviting the Secular

This is a time many Pagans call Samhain, a sabbat to honor the death of the Horned God in his epic journey of death and rebirth. [Read more]

Scars In Heaven

I don’t believe that God allows things like the Holocaust to happen as a necessary part of some mysterious divine plan that we simply won’t understand until we get to heaven. [Read more]

The Young Turks LiveStream With Controversial Atheist Sam Harris

If you’re a member of The Young Turks’ premium page, you are in for an intense Livestream discussion between Cenk Uygur and noted author Sam Harris.

[Read more]

End-of-the-Week Religion and Atheism News and Commentary 10/24


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Fox News Host Makes Extremely Offensive Comments About Atheists

9f481c0abc60967847465e3e1a69411c[1]The separation of church and state is one of the most controversial issues in American politics, one that often crosses party lines. In public school district in the south, the fight over religious freedom has continued. [Read more]

The Paradoxes of Secularism in Contemporary Japan

In brief, according to some surveys the Japanese populace seems secular, while measures of religious identification and church/shrine attendance suggest a vibrantly religious country. [Read more]

What I Like About the Expansion of the Humanist Movement

Angier_1-230x300[1]My husband came upon a recent Pew study called “Nones on the Rise,” referring to those who answer “none” when asked their religious affiliation. [Read more]

No Gods Needed in U.S. Government

In a letter to the editor last week (Oct. 17), Mr. (Samuel) Richardson suggests that there should be no separation of church and state, as first described by Thomas Jefferson to his letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. [Read more]

Atheist Club Goes National

ssa-logo[1]Previously known as the Eastern Atheists, the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) at EWU transitioned from a private club to becoming a chapter of a national secular organization. [Read more]

The One Thing the New Atheists Get Right About Religion

In defending Islam against the Bill Mahers of this world, Reza Aslan has stripped religion of any power to explain the world. [Read more]

Debate Over Religion’s Role Goes Back to Our Founding

For several years now, the homeless in downtown Sacramento have turned to the Winter Sanctuary Program, a cluster of city and county churches providing shelter during the winter months. [Read more]

The Way This Atheist Author Is Taking Aim at a Popular Story About a Boy Who Claims He Nearly Died and Visited Heaven

meanddog[1]A new children’s book is taking direct aim at “Heaven Is For Real,” the bestselling book and feature film about a young boy who claims he ascended to heaven, met Jesus and interacted with dead relatives during a near-death experience. [Read more]

Atheist Releases ‘Me & Dog’ to Counter Christian Book ‘Heaven Is For Real’

Author Gene Weingartena’s book was written to counter the best-selling “Heaven Is For Real” Christian book, which was adapted for all ages and became a New York Times bestseller. [Read more]

Catholics and Atheists Can Agree

-protest.jpg20060104[1]An atheist can object to liberal society and their so called “woman’s right” to end a pregnancy. An atheist should be mad as hell. [Read more]

Does Being ‘Spiritual But Not Religious’ Really Mean Anything?

In 2012, a Pew Foundation survey on religion found that almost 20 percent of Americans placed themselves in the category of “unaffiliated.” [Read more]

Debating God: Notes on an Unanswered Question

The question of whether God exists is a controversial one: there have been, and still are, lots of smart, informed and sincere people on both sides. [Read more]

School Told to Remove Painting of Praying Children or Face Legal Action

faith_in_america_zolan_small[1]In another attempt to remove any semblance of Christianity from America’s public schools, the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter recently to a middle school in Oklahoma threatening it to remove a painting depicting two young children praying. [Read more]

Religious Sentiments

By now, everyone must already know exactly what the telecommunication and ICT minister, Latif Siddique, said in New York. He lost his ministry for saying what he said. [Read more]

Science, Religion and the Assumptions We Make

n-SCIENCE-AND-RELIGION-large570[1]One of the great advantages of being a Jesuit astronomer at the Vatican Observatory is that, since we are supported by the Church, we don’t have to worry about writing proposals, sitting on committees or even teaching classes. [Read more]

Did a Recent Study Find Evidence of Life After Death?

The age-old question of whether there is life after death is one of the main selling points of religion and sparks countless philosophical debates around the globe. [Read more]

45,000-Year-Old Man Was Human-Neanderthal Mix

dnews-files-2014-10-Neanderthal-141022-jpg[1]A bone found by chance on the banks of a Siberian river has yielded the oldest modern human genome yet recovered, according to a new study that sheds light on when people left Africa and first interbred with Neanderthals living in Europe and Asia. [Read more]

DNA Yields Secrets of Human Pioneer

The genome sequence from a thigh bone found in Siberia shows the first episode of mixing occurred between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago. The male hunter is one of the earliest modern humans discovered in Eurasia. [Read more]

Does Your Average Scientist Need an Ethicist on Call?

213DBABF-EA34-4BC4-AAD1AD8262B6336C_article[1]Bioethicists are setting up consultancies for research — but some scientists question whether they are a necessity. [Read more]

Upgrade Your Operating System: Building A Better Understanding of Psychology

While there are models of human behavior, habit formation, and cognition that can give us insight into our nature, any model is by definition a simplification of the world as it actually exists. [Read more]

Genes Will Survive Even If Most Humans Do Not

dna[1]In this seminal volume, Richard Dawkins makes the case for the survival of genes, not specific creatures, which of course include humans. [Read more]

Free Will and Psychological Determinism

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it comes from Zen Buddhism. There’s no precise translation in English, but a good approximation to the meaning is to “unask” a question or idea. [Read more]

Refugees Fleeing Iraq Christian Torment Enter Jordan in Droves

pope-with-refugees-in-jordan[1]More than 3,000 Iraqi Christians have fled Mosul and the Nineveh Plain and sought refuge in Jordan, as extremists continue to persecute religious minorities in strife-torn Iraq. [Read more]

I Got 18 Mosque Problems and Being a Woman is One

Many of the other annoyances found at the mosque are probably universal: parking inconsiderately, not putting away one’s shoes neatly on the racks, coming late, reserving spots in the prayer area, and distracting or disturbing others. [Read more]

Julianne Moore, Ellen Page’s Lesbian Drama Freeheld Banned From Shooting at Catholic High School

julianne-moore-ellen-page-filming-inline[1]For the movie, which is based off of the 2007 Oscar-winning documentary short by the same name, director Peter Sollett and the production staff had asked the Catholic high school’s permission to shoot a scene there in which the couple goes to City Hall to apply for a civil union. [Read more]

Escaping Quiverfull

Vyckie escaped from quiverfull and since then has dedicated huge amounts of her time to exposing abuses of power within this patriarchal movement.

[Read more]

Week-Start Religion and Freethought Report, Part 2


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Atheists Tweet More Often Than Muslims, Jews, Christians, Study Shows

RNS-TWEET-FAITH aA new study of Twitter finds that self-identified religious users are more likely to tweet to members of their own faith than to members of a different one. [Read more]

Abbotsford’s Sunday Assembly Gathers Atheists and Others Into the Fold

The Sunday Assembly meets on the last Sunday of each month at the Collingwood Senior Citizens Centre in Eddy Court to hear guest speakers, sing, and share coffee and cake. [Read more]

The Rise of Interfaith Chaplaincy

Screen-Shot-2014-09-01-at-5.44.23-PM[1]Religious affiliation is largely determined by culture, so increasingly multicultural societies will necessarily beget citizens with more complex religious backgrounds. [Read more]

No Religion Has All the Answers

I have studied religions, gone through devout stages, had spiritual experiences, prayed and meditated. None of it has revealed to me the meaning of life. [Read more]

Forget Blessed: Can’t We All Just Have a “Nice” Day?

religiousdonut-207x300[1]As a company with a strong international presence, surely cultural differences and religious sensitivity are of paramount concern. [Read more]

YEC: First Step Towards Atheism

It is entirely possible that Ken Ham genuinely believes that his life’s work is filling holes in the cracks in the dam that he thinks keeps the flood of atheism from sweeping over weak Christians. [Read more]

Do Godless Morals and Values Exist?

It’s common for religious theists to claim that their religious morality is far superior to secular, atheistic, and godless morality. [Read more]

Religious Right Group Opposes Ebola Vaccine Projects Over Stem Cell Research

church-state_1[1]A “pro-life” group wants the government to stop fast-tracking two potential vaccines to fight the Ebola virus, citing concerns that the vaccine development includes stem cell research. [Read more]

Holy Water May be Harmful to Your Health, Study Finds

Despite its purported cleansing properties, holy water could actually be more harmful than healing, according to a new Austrian study on “holy” springs. [Read more]

New Study Shows Leaving Religion Might Harm Health

LeavingReligion[1]The study looked most closely at religions that had very high rates of better health, and these tended to be ones that had a more inclusive community such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Latter Day Saints. [Read more]

French Jewish Girl Stopped Moments Before Leaving to Join Islamic State

A 17-year-old Jewish girl from Paris is the latest French teen reported to have turned to radical Islam and planned to flee to the Islamic State. [Read more]

Did Jesus Save the Klingons?

F40748BF-50E3-441B-9779E9A7AC8F0B7F_article[1]If or when we make contact with extraterrestrials, the effect on our religious sensibilities will be profound, says astronomer David Weintraub. [Read more]

Biblical Scriptures Will Be Removed or Covered on Monument

The controversial monument bearing Biblical scripture in front of the high school football field house will be modified to comply with state and federal laws, which means the Biblical scriptures will be removed or covered. [Read more]

Southern Evangelicals: Dwindling—and Taking the GOP Edge With Them

Midterm elections are all about turning out base constituencies. Over the last few decades, there have been few more reliable voters for Republicans than white evangelical Protestants. [Read more]

Police Investigation Into Rabbi and Recordings of Women is Expanding

Merlin_268879[1]The prominent Georgetown rabbi accused of recording women at his synagogue’s ritual bath had numerous computers and storage devices in his home along with files of women undressing. [Read more]

Is Your God Morally Corrupt?

Christians of all stripes consider atheism and atheists to be immoral. We’re not given a pass on morality on any level. [Read more]

Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming

4520_45e81409831b77407fbc22afc09f0d78[1]The genetic study of cognitive ability suggests that there exist today variations in human DNA which, if combined in an ideal fashion, could lead to individuals with intelligence that is qualitatively higher than has ever existed on Earth. [Read more]

New Study Shows How Teens Can Be Taught to Act More Rationally

The trouble with teenagers is well-known to many parents: they are hormone-driven, thrill-seeking bundles of eros with a shocking inability to think through the consequences of their actions. [Read more]

Loyalty. Trust. Betrayal.

kill[1]Obedient loyalty is the chief command of Abrahamic religions, beginning with Abraham’s obedience to the Lord’s command that he kill his own son. [Read more]

Nietzsche: Of Love, Trees, and Religion

Nietzsche is just about to make an important point: namely, that unlike the animals, we are self-conscious creatures who are attached to the past. [Read more]

Pope Demotes Powerful Conservative Cardinal

Cardinal Raymond Burke recently said that gays are so unrelentingly evil that a parent shouldn’t even allow their children to be around gay relatives on holidays. [Read more]

Week-Start Religion and Freethought Report


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Atheist Communities Need Religious Ambassadors

8696581956_b86ffa52a6_z[1]I realized that I wanted to spend my life advocating for atheists, working to remove the fear and prejudice that often surrounds them. And that achieving this goal would not come from a one-sided pursuit. [Read more]

Why and How Godless Science is Superior to Religion

The debate between science and religion goes on without resolve and without satisfaction for any involved. We might get somewhere if we narrowed the terms of debate a bit: on what grounds are we attempting to compare the two? [Read more]

Atheist Jailed 100 Days for Refusing Religious Drug Rehab Wins $2 Million Settlement

jesus_1[1]A drug addict devoted to overcoming his addiction is accountable to many people, but God shouldn’t be one of them. [Read more]

Alaska Town Affirms Right of Satanists and Atheists to Offer Invocations at Council Meetings

A small Alaska town has become the latest flashpoint in America’s ongoing debate over the definition of religious freedom, with a city assembly struggling to discern who gets to be included in efforts to expand “religious liberty.” [Read more]

GOP House Candidate Will Stop ‘Big Government Tyranny’ with Government Sponsored Religion

GOP-congressional-candidate-will-fight-tyranny-with-government-sponsored-religion-585x372[1]Jody Hice is running for Congress in Georgia. He also has an internet radio show, which he earnestly refers to as “one of the most important cultural programs anywhere around.” [Read more]

Richard Dawkins Doesn’t Deserve This Fellow Atheist’s Smears

It’s not a good time to be Richard Dawkins, for he alone, like the scapegoat of Leviticus, must bear the brunt of everyone’s hatred of atheism. [Read more]

Finding Healing and Acceptance After Same-Sex Love Collides with Religion

GAY0011413495665[1]It’s hard to come out as gay. It is even harder when your parents are profoundly committed conservative Catholics, your brother is a prominent priest who represents traditional church views on Fox News. [Read more]

Temperance, Morality, and the American Right

Such religious and moral crusades have, however, also been tightly bound up with anti-immigrant, racist, nationalist, and anti-modernist fears. [Read more]

Meet the Actual Ghostbuster

3037027-poster-1280-benjamin-radford-skeptic[1]A research fellow and paranormal investigator for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, based in Buffalo, NY, Benjamin Radford uses journalistic reporting, critical thinking skills, and what he describes as “the scientific process.” [Read more]

Ken Ham Spews the Usual Nonsense

Today we have a reaction from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the Australian entrepreneur who has become the ayatollah of Appalachia, famed for his creationist ministry, Answers in Genesis (AIG) and for the mind-boggling Creation Museum. [Read more]

Rabbi Accused of Secretly Recording Women Showering at Synagogue

rabbidrbarryfreundel[1]A witness said Dr. Barry Freundel installed a hidden camera inside the women’s showers at the Kesher Israel Orthodox synagogue in Georgetown, according to a police report. [Read more]

Kansas City Diocese Agrees to Settle 30 Lawsuits for $10 Million

jon%20david%20couzens[1]The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph on Tuesday agreed to pay nearly $10 million to settle 30 lawsuits that alleged sexual abuse by priests. [Read more]

Churches Seek to Be More Inclusive of People with Disabilities

Members of EDAN, a program of the World Council of Churches, met in the Netherlands to develop a new statement with the working title “Gift of Being: Called to be a Church of All and for All.” [Read more]

Religion’s Role in Northern Ireland Politics

_78297076_stainedglass2[1]Tony Blair’s spin doctor Alastair Campbell once famously said: “We don’t do God.” But in Northern Ireland, it can feel like God is a political player. [Read more]

Joining Islamic State is About ‘Sex and Aggression,’ Not Religion

The appeal of Islamic State rests on individuals’ quest for what psychologists call “personal significance,” which the militant group’s extremist propaganda cleverly exploits. [Read more]

Hillsong’s Brian Houston Says Church Won’t Take Public Position on LGBT Issues

HillsongChurch[1]At a press conference for the Hillsong Conference in New York City today, Michael Paulson of The New York Times asked Houston to clarify their church’s position on same sex marriage. [Read more]

Should Christians Be Angry With God?

I get angry with God sometimes. Actually, that’s not true. If I’m being really honest, I get angry with God a lot. [Read more]

Defense Minister Ya’alon: I Am Not Looking for a Solution, I Am Looking for a Way to Manage the Conflict

bibiyaalon1[1]Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon gave a few holiday interviews to the Israeli media. Ya’alon, who has been Netanyahu’s closest partner in the coalition since the Gaza war, was fairly open when he spoke about the Palestinian issue, and a couple of his answers were especially telling. [Read more]

Archaeologists Think They Know Why Mysterious ‘Witch Girl’ Was Given Deviant Burial

bzvlevmciaaptfg[1]The skeleton — believed to be that of a 13-year-old — was unearthed by a team from the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology near a church built on the site of a burial ground in the town of Albenga. [Read more]

Scientific Methodology and Its Religious Parallels

Paralleling the observations upon which scientific hypotheses are based, religious “observations” are mainly revelations believed to be conveyed from God through prophets such as Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. [Read more]

Why Must Seeing Be Believing?

asteroid[1]Of course, we might not want to go overboard with our attempts to correct behavior. Humans’ unwillingness to believe that the worst could happen may also be a useful trait; it keeps us taking risks and doing extraordinary things. [Read more]

If You Don’t Believe in a God, Why Bother?

I see this question on Twitter all of the time and I find it, admittedly, a bit strange. To me, it should be obvious that since atheists don’t believe in gods, we can’t hate them. So why does this question get around so much? [Read more]

John Hagee Says Ebola Is God’s Judgment On America Because Obama Is Trying To Divide Israel

Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee issued a stark warning to America that the Ebola crisis is God’s judgment on America for President Obama’s failure to adequately support Israel.

[Read more]

Michael Savage: Ebola Could Be A ‘Blessing’ That Prompts Obama’s Removal From Office

In an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones last week, conservative radio host Michael Savage said President Obama plans to “use Ebola as a pretext” to exercise authoritarian control over the United States.

[Read more]


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